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  1. I've just started coming back to this board after a big break.. I get into it then I get overwhelmed with the info and give up... Anyway Pff, I know what you mean about the fat loss.. I have something very very similar. I had Hydrafill injections ..first on the left cheek to try it out and then I went back for the right cheek. The left cheek was done in January and the effects are still there... the right cheek was done a couple of months ago.. it does seem a little overfilled in places on t
  2. I have decided to go down the Isolagen route but am scared of going to someone who basically f**** up my skin. I am going to make an appointment with one of these consultants at Lasercare in Leicester: Professor Stev Liggins or Dr Tom Bozek. How can I find out more information about them to decide who to go for a consultation with? Each consultation costs £110 so I can't really afford to go to both and then see how I feel. Hope someone can help!
  3. I over eat when I get down too. I have freinds who say they go off food when they are down.. I'm the opposite! I hat eit. I'm so depressed about my scars atthe moment..It's 3am and I can't sleep....I know my scar hold me back.. I joined a gym with a friend today ...cause I want to get fit...but all I can think is how bad my skin will look with my hair tied back..and no makeup. ..and swimmin.. well I on;y go if I know there's going to be no-one there I know.. like at really quiet times...etc
  4. Thanks for the info Ceri Do you know of anyone who has had it done by Lasercare? I read somewhere on this board that your outcome depends on the Dr's skill with the needle?
  5. Hi, Is there anyone out there who has done or is in the process of doing Isolagen with anyone other than Dr Chu? I live in the midlands and was wondering if there's anyone other than Dr Chu who is reliable? I don't really want to wait 3 months for an appoitment with Dr Chu and also, the travelling would be difficult for me as I have 3 young kids, whose schedule I have to fit in with! I am so pleased with the result from my hydrafill a few weeks ago..it's really helped with the deeper scars..
  6. It's a temp filler but some say is supposed to last longer than restylane. I'm in the UK At the moment I'm so pleased with the evening out of my big indents.. I'd happily go back for top ups. It's really helped my confidence. I'm due to go back for some other mor shallow areas in a few weeks. Now that my focus is off the big scars.. I can see more clearly that my skin has some large pores and is aging ..I'm going to be 40 this year..I think being depressed about my scars has made me eat the wro
  7. Just thought I'd let you know how it went. We decided to try it on the worst two areas first to see how I get on with it. She did warn me that I may bruise because with acne scars she has to go a bit deeper than when filling wrinkles. I felt quite confident with ther and I did not take the step lightly. She said to me that normally people always come back for more because once thay see the improvement they start wanting more and more. I have to say so far I am very pleased on the areas we ha
  8. I've decided I'm fed up with the indents and scars on my cheeks and even if I get a temporary improvement it will do wonders for my confidence. so I've got an appt next thurs. Theu lady seems very experienced so feel quite sure she won't over fill etc. The only question is collagen or restylane.. I feel funny about collagen cause of the whole animal thing.. I had a test patch done to see if I reacted about 2 months ago. it was a bit itchy for a while behind my ear and on my arm where the two te
  9. I have been too scared to look into isolagen seriously because some people have scared me off. But having seen the lady on GMTV this morning has renewed my interest. It obviously does works for more severe cases of facial scarring. I had a look on the gmtv website but couldn't find any more info. Does anyone know how I can find out more ..like which clinic did she get here treatment done?
  10. I am seriously considering trying restylane for my indented scars.( I have a mixture of rolling/box and other scars). I had a test done a about 2 months ago for collagen to see if I had a reaction ( appartently this is needed for collagen but not for restylane). I was ok with it ( the test was on my arm and behind my ear) . I have thought about it but I can't stand the thought of having that stuff pumoe dinto my body. SO I thought maybe restylane might be better. I have been told that some acn
  11. Mish mosh, This is the leaf and rusher website. It's supposed to help products penetrate more deeply so if you use it with say copper peptides or anti-ageing cream etc, it will help the product absorb more deeply into the skin. They showed it briefly on 'This morning'...She said it was £68 ot something so that means it must be available in the UK but I can't find out where. http://www.leafandrusher.com/index.asp?Pag...&ProdID=18&HS=1 I guess how much pressure you apply etc affect
  12. Did anyone see it? It was on the beauty best buy bit on This Morning ..can't remember which day. The lady said it was around £68 or something and it was by Leaf and Rusher. Does anyone know where in the Uk to get this from?
  13. Does anyone know? I tried boots online...didn't have it
  14. Hi Lillith, Have 3 kids.. feel the same as you at the moment... I find taking them to parties/lessons/ school pickups hard work ..especially when it's sunny and all my red marks and pits show up even more. AM really depressed.. and I feel I want to get a grip and start living life properly with the kids and socially...but everythign seems so much harder when you're aware of how bad your skins looking.. taking one of the kids to a party today...am going to try and feel confident instead of hunc
  15. leopolda, Thanks for the info. I'm looking for this in the UK. Can you tell me is this the same stuff? I thinkit's called 'invisibleline smoother'? http://www.qvcuk.com/ukgasp/frameset.asp?n...=219447&ref=fgl Can't wait to try it. I feel so depressed about not being able to go out with this horrible skin. Going on a night out for me is more stressful than staying at home. but staying at home makes me depressed and lonely!