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  1. Thanks! I just ordered the sample. It says fragrance free as well so we'll see how it smells!
  2. Does anyone know of any body lotions that contain 10% AHA? It would also be great if they had a nice scent. I use Dan's which is great for my face at night, but I wouldn't want to smell like that all over. It's sort of sour or something. Though it does fade a bit after a while. I started using Dan's AHA on my foot which has peeling skin all the time and is also rough. It worked great! I want to have the same effect everywhere - the renewing of skin cells and such. Thanks for any suggestions! -S
  3. Me too! I do this ALL the time. Whenever I'm just sitting on the computer or watching TV I'll put some generic Neosporin on the popped pimples and then wipe it off if I'm going out again. At night I do this as well. If I have a huge or particularly gross one I'll put a bandaid over it & the ointment while I sleep. Also this helps if you have a big one that you want to come to a head. The moisture and bandaid a lot of times helps it come up. I've never put it on a non-popped pimple and had i
  4. I live in a dorm and I know for sure the water sucks here because I have well water at home, and my skin feels super soft and cleaner when I shower at home. Do they make shower filters that you can take on and off easily? Probably not, but I thought I'd ask anyway. I'd really like it if I could regulate the chlorine. A lot of acne related things are hard to do in a dorm, too
  5. My regimen that works really well is Dan's, plus a few things. I first use Apricot Scrub (a few times a week), then wash with Purpose. I then use Olay Daily Facials Clarity toner, then BP, then St. Ives Intensive Healing. My skin is AWESOME! And I've never said that haha! The scrub really helps me. If I don't use it I can definitely feel the difference. The toner helps with me because it evens everything out colorwise, and it's not harsh. I just wanted to tell everybody about mine because I was
  6. I've got bad bacne too and my boyfriend doesn't care
  7. Uuughhh I HATE MY BACK TOO! Holy God do I hate my back. Mine looks a bit worse than yours, though. At least in that picture yours are little red marks. Mine are icky big zits. Sometimes it'll clear up a bit and then come back or stay there for a week and clear up and ... it's just really unpredictable, but there's always something icky on my back whether it be scars/red marks or pimples. I hate it because all I want to do is wear a damn tank top like everybody else! I also have to be careful wea
  8. been hearing alot about this, this shit any good or is it just some fake wash with lotion in it? ←