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  1. I dont like getting haircuts because I have to look at myself in the mirror with good light and closer than I would like to!
  2. Nike thanks for the good advice. I could really use some positive in my life. I will try some of the things you said. OneLove you really made me think about some things. I dont know what I want from god
  3. Well I am definately not a chav to answer your questions.
  4. Dude I totally know what you are talking about. When my face is clear I feel like Im the man, I can go out and have a good time with no worries in the world. But with my sporadic acne patterns I can break at whenever and it makes me feel like crap. I just want to hide away. I think its because I have this ideal perfection image in my brain and I am telling myself that I can fulfill oh so much more if I was acne free or in other words a more perfect "LOOKING" person. But what I am coming to find
  5. Thanks for all the thoughtful responses. I will have to try some of the tips you guys mentioned. It really is good to know I dont have to feel this way alone. By the way what does yob/chav types mean?
  6. I know I cant keep venting through a bottle. Its crazy though I definitely see results but I have to go about it another way, cuz me and alcohol arent a good combination.
  7. Yes you will have to give us more details so that we can try this. Bottle cap, kind of alcohol, maybe some pictures.
  8. Has anyone had good results from excessive drinking. I have had great results when I drink like everyday and till I am stupid drunk. I wont even wash my face or anything and my skin is great. The only problem is I am a total jackass when I am drunk. So I can drink all the time, I have actually quit because I just got my second DUI, and the acne is back. BUT seriously there has to be some correlation between the two because not just this time but at least a couple others i will go on binges for m
  9. This is how it seems and this is how it may always be. I am 23 years old and have had acne for much of my life. Since about 16 or so. I have tried just about everything I can except accutane. I dont have real severe acne, but it does get bad. When it does I get so upset and dont even care about things anymore. All I worry about all day is my face. When I wake up the first thing I think of is my face, when I am in the car I wonder if people can see my skin from their car, when I am at work or sch
  10. I know exactly what you mean. Those things people say are a reality check of how cruel our world is. I dont want to be perfect but I want to at least be normal and normal looking. Its crap. Read someone of my posts I think you will find we feel the same
  11. God is great and all, but where in his master plan did he decide that acne was something he would just strike down upon certain people.
  12. Just wondering again?? Does anyone feel like no matter where they go people are starring at them because of their face? Feel like people must be talking about you or saying something about your face? Pull up next to some one at 3.00pm sun shining perfect on your face to scared to see if their looking at you? Think they must be starring, but dont want to check and see because you do not want to know if people really are starring in the first place? ANYONE WRITE SOMETHING>>>>>....
  13. Anyone feel like this is them or something similiar? The only time i look at myself in the mirror is when I am about 25 feet away from it, or when the lighting is bad. I literally took bulbs out of my three bulb light so now i have one just so I can get close enough to put acne medication on. Or I will jsut turn the lights out and do it in the dark. Its crazy how my life revolves around my skin.
  14. Hey I have been looking for a place to meet people in an area close to mine that are going through the same things that we all are. I think it would be cool to talk to someone that is going through what I am and maybe meet and hangout. However there is no way to search by city or even state on this site. At least not that I have found. So I dont know if this will work but I am trying to start something that everyone that is willing can post there name, location, and other info so people in your