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  1. Did you notice under some of the Repair studies, they used up to 100mJ/pulse. But, I thought 70mJ was the absolute max safe setting limit. If you look at the study by Chan et al., they used the standard safe settings of max 70mj, with max coverage of 45%, but the improvement was only mild to moderate compared to the study that used 100mj/pulse. (Chans study was also only 1 sitting compared to 2-3 for the other, so that obviously is a factor also). Did anyone else catch that? Can repair reall
  2. Hi, a few things. I would absolutely not do TCA cross on your nose. You are going to make things worse, possibly widen and join scars. Someone else also suggested surgery, I have no idea what surgery they are talking about, maybe punch floats? I see little yellow things, is that sebum/puss? I would go to a good dermatologist and get the sebum/puss production in your nose under control. There is a laser, which I forget the name of that uses vaccum suction to pull all that sebum out, then zaps
  3. Honestly, you are way over-analyzing how subcision works.
  4. I am one of the veteren members here since 03, and I was one of the first if not the first to write about subcision on this forum. I've had subcision several times. I have no idea what you mean when you say subcision starts from the healthier skin. Actually doctors take great care in avoiding doing subcision on healthy skin, you definately want to avoid healthy skin because like I said subcision actually causes scar tissue below the surface. A doctor enters the skin with an Admix Nokor needle a
  5. No, I don't think so, that isn't the concept of subcision. Subcision just cuts through the tissue that is tethering the scar down, letting the scar elevate. Subcision doesn't give the scar another change to heal properly. It replaces scar tissue with more scar tissue below the surface, resulting in a plump appearance.
  6. Your acne really cleared up! You should wait 1 yr once going off accutane before you try to do anything too invasive for scarring. You can do light chemical peels and Vbeam to help clear up the red marks. Vbeam is probably the fastest and easiest. Make sure you ask your Dr if it is safe to get a chemical peel done that quickly, usually you have to wait 1 yr.
  7. When you say "under my eyes" do you mean directly under your eye, your under eye circles? If so, I would advise not to do it. I've had Vbeam before, and anytime the doctor went close to my orbital even with eye shields on and eyes closed, the intense light was very strong to my eyeball. The most intense light I have ever seen in my life. My eyes were super sensitive after the treatment and hopefully no permanent damage was done. I am personally not convinced vbeam is safe to use around the
  8. God forbid if you had an entire face full of scars like some of us do, what would you do with yourself? You hardly ever get acne as you stated, lucky you. The red mark will disappear. You claim to have one "very slight indentation," on your otherwise perfect face that you can't help obsessing over and mirror gazing. Seems like you are disfigured for life, how will you go on?
  9. Forehead lines are a normal part of life that every human being has or will get in their life. That is why botox is so popular. Your best choices for at home treatments are Retin-A/Tazarac or another retinoid, or you can try glycolic acid products such as Alpha Hydrox. There are always laser, chemical and botox options also. Do you have acne scars or is your main concern forehead lines that everyone on this planet has unless you are a newborn baby?
  10. I looked at that link you included. You wrote about your nose, I don't see any scars on your nose, I see normal pores on your nose that every human being has. Don't think about them or consume your time worrying about treating them, they are normal. As for the scars on your cheeks, you could possibly have several options. First thing I notice is redness at the scars. Vbeam will help reduce this redness, and dramatically reduce the appearance of the scars when the color normalizes. You can al
  11. Yes I've actually had four subcisions now. Good luck with yours and consider doing suctioning, I've only been able to do it once but it did improve my results. What doctor are you two going to who performs suction subcision? can you describe the "suction" part of the procedure. Is it with a mechanical or some kind of manual pump, do you do it at home or just one time at the doctors office, etc. Thanks
  12. Your scars are not terrible. People should really choose their words wisely on here. There are people with very severe scars on this forum, then someone with minimal scarring labels their scars "terrible," how do you think people who have it worse must feel like? Anyway, look into fractional treatments, you would only need very minimal done on the affected areas. I wouldn't damage the rest of the skin on your face which by the way looks perfect.
  13. I don't know how severe or deep your scars are, so I couldn't really say what kind of results you can expect. However, when talking to someone in front of a cash register, you are practically face to face....and if you have deep scars and you think after one erbium laser treatment someone standing that close to you will no longer see your scars, then you are setting yourself up for major disappointment. There are people who have had several treatments of the stronger CO2 and have gotten minimal
  14. I've had erbium. It is more gentle to the skin compared to CO2 and has less risk. As with CO2, there are total ablative Erbium lasers and fractional. Fractional of course is safer. One thing to keep in mind no laser will remove your acne scars. You have to realize that now otherwise you will be very disappointed after your treatment. Acne scars are pretty much a life long battle, you can only help improve their appearance. Unless you have very superficial scarring. Fractional erbium suc
  15. Any updates? I'm so eager to know if this will be used for acne scarring here in the states.