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  1. I hate when this happens. My wife put a new light in the bathroom. So it accentuates the contour of my skin. It revealed old scars and wrinkles in new ways. Now I have to deal with his emotionally. I wish she did not put that light in the room! I really need some sort of dermaroller routine. I hope it will help my skin look better. What is holding me back? Maybe fear of it not working. Happily when I go back to look the scars don't look that bad. I really do have to start dermarolling.
  2. Thanks. So are you saying I can see MORE THAN MINIMAL or just minimal?
  3. I don't want minimal results! I want great results! Is Tazorac like RetinA? Cause I have roscea. Will that make it worse? I do remember Retin A making my skin/scars and pores look much better.
  4. Sometimes I think I hardly have any scars. Then a certain angle of light will reveal them. I do think they are few. But I often think I should do something like dermarolling. Is there any help for a guy who is almost 50? Why don't I do anything for these scars? Why do I procrastinate? Is there help?
  5. I wish I could get a grant and do a study on Acupressure and it's benefits on clearing up body acne. I truly believe it can clear up this condition. It would be great if a study could be done to see just how well it works.
  6. It is my belief that acupressure for body acne really helps clear it up. But you have to be serious. Don't go to a place that is going to give you a happy ending. Go to a serious place that really does practice it. I used to have bad body acne. Now it's all cleared up. I may have outgrown a lot of it. But I did have someone says they could clear it up for me. I really do believe if done on a regular basis it can be cleared up by this practice. It's not cheap! But I think it's worth it. I wish
  7. How can I get rid of acne under and behind my ears?
  8. That's an interesting observation. That might be true or it might not. We will never know I guess. However, I did see flaws in me that I did not like before Acne.
  9. I'm an angry person. When it gets hot and humid I feel my pores get larger. When I see others with skin problems it bothers me. Why? Because I project my own skill problems on to others. I am sure without a doubt that if I did not suffer from problem skin I would be a different person today. I would not be so angry. I would be happy. My acne shaped the angry person I have become. I hope it does not do that to you.
  10. I know a nurse who I might want to do dermarolling on me. How does a person learn needling? Is it dangerous? I just found this website http://www.permanentmakeupschool.org/advan...in_needling.php
  11. To me it makes sense that the diet is a direct cause for rosacea. I'm curious if anyone has tried this diet. I have the book but have not tried it.
  12. I have a red complexion from some rosacea. I'm middle aged. I really want to start dermarolling since it will fill in scars. Is it a mistake with rocasea? Will it do any permament harm? I REALLY NEED TO DO THIS!
  13. At the age of 49 I just found out I'm allergic to grass. When I started cutting the lawn is when I started getting acne on my back, chest and face. Can that be the missing link to what contributed to my acne? Has anyone heard of a grass allergy or any other kind of allergy triggering acne?
  14. I wish dermatologists started caring about their patients instead of using us to go in and out of their revolving door to make money off of!! I AM SICK AND TIRED OF THEIR PERSCRIPTIOSN AND THEIR APPOINTMENTS!! SURELY THERE MUST BE BETTER CARE FOR US ACNE SUFFERS!!!!!!!!!!!! SURELY THERE IS A BETTER WAY!