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  1. happy wednesday

    1. pantera

      Psychiatrist and Scarring

      I agree that as harsh as the psych was she is trying to help you with reality, when dealing with harsh scar acne the mind doesnt want to deal with it and you dont see alot of times what is really there to the public. The sooner you deal with the fact that your skin is bad and people are going to make comments whether you want them to or not the sooner you can change your mindset and attack life rather than let it happen to you and look back as an old man and wish you had gone out and had fun. Th
    2. pantera

      Clay/Mud masks

      neutrogena mask/cleanser leave on for half hour works well wish they still made the dense clay mask hard to believe thats all i once used twice a day had perfect skin.
    3. I try to just leave the nose alone for at least 2 weeks and then push up on it to get all the snakes to come out. I went for a facial one time and you wanna talk pain the nose pressure was horrible much rather do that myself.
    4. pantera

      I think my time is up

      I know you are upset but I will be pissed if you give up . Keep your mindset positive and post here no matter what you are feeling we are here for you.
    5. I think that alot of it has to do with stress and genetics, when I had no bills and was partying my freshman year all I used was a tube of neutrogena clay mask twice per day for 20 minutes and had perfect skin all year. Once I got the stresses of the job and the credit cards etc. my skin went south and I had more products than most stores. All I would say is Ive tried all the pro activ's there are and they work but the thing is if you have scars it doesnt matter how clear your skin is because yo
    6. Yeah please do me a favor and dont touch it, I had what looked like blood under the skin on both cheeks and instead of leaving it alone I squeezed it out and had a bloody red marked face the rest of my college year and of course scars for life. I would not touch your face no matter how embarrassed you may be presently go to a dermatologist and see if they can do something anything will be better than touching it .
    7. pantera

      Persistent acne for nearly 13 years

      Ive heard acnecomplex works well treats all types of what looks to be acne but may be various other skin problems also. I use clean n clear antibacterial cleanser then neutrogena cleanser/mask and then clean n clear continual control cleanser . The bottom line is its not our fault we have this stupid acne problem, we got it from our parents and we have to just deal with it as well as we can.
    8. pantera

      lucys roaccutane log

      congrats keep positive mindset .
    9. pantera

      Scars!!!! need advice

      The fact is you are a hottie and any guy who sees a little scar is not anyone who deserves to be with you so basically you have nothing to worry about. I know you obsess I do too but it will make you more driven and you will be more successful in life if you channel all that energy into your goals.