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    Makeup, especially mineral makeup. Older skin problems i.e. acne, oily, wrinkles, etc. Acne skin treatments.
  1. Thanks for your info. I think I will just continue using if on my scar and skip trying on my face. :dance:
  2. I just wonder if this would be good to use as moisturizer? Company says it is a dry oil and has been tested to not cause acne or sensitivity; however, some of the ingredients look like it might cause problems. I am using it on a scar I have and it seems to be working well but not to sure if should try in face. If anyone has experience or knows something about this, let me know. Thanks!
  3. I like EM foundation but am oily after a couple of hours. Does anyone have a recommendation for a matte lotion or something to use under the mineral foundation? Seems like any moisturizer I use only makes it worse but the minerals don't go on smooth without something under them. Sorry this probably doesn't make much sense but maybe someone understands what I am going through. Thanks
  4. Yes, I have used it. The full size foundations are huge which accounts for the higher price. It lasts forever. It seems to be a little heavier than Everyday Minerals but has good coverage and oil control. They have so many different color shades it is VERY hard to choose the right one so order lots of samples. I haven't tried any of their blushes or finishing powders yet. It is a good mineral makeup for everyday use since it comes in such a large amount.
  5. Been using the Intensive Foundation but seems to get oily after a couple of hours. Has anyone used the matte foundations? I am thinking of ordering that to see if would cut down on the oilyness. What is the difference between Intensive and Matte? Does anyone know? Thanks!
  6. Thanks for your info. I am going ahead and order EM and hopefully it will work for me. I have very oily skin and break out easily. It has been a challenge my whole life trying to find a great foundation.
  7. Someone told me that mineral makeup that is buffed in can cause acne to be worse. I thought the whole idea of mineral makeup was to help control acne. I'm confused and wonder if anyone know the truth about this? Is it just some mineral makeups? or all? Is liquid or cream makeup better for acne? I was thinking of buy some mineral makeup until someone told me this. Please help me. Thanks!
  8. Been using for 9 weeks now and area around chin is peeling off in layers. Nothing seems to stop it--tried many moisturizers, etc. Also, skin is very oily. If anyone has any suggestions to help me I would appreciate it. Should I quit the Retin-A?
  9. I have started using Retin A Micro .01% at night and Dan's BP in the morning; however, I was wondering if I can use a topical antibiotice with the Retin A. If so, how should it be used? After applying the Retin A or before? I have been using Retin A for about a month and not seeing much progress. Any advise or help would be appreciated!
  10. I am on the Regimen and doing pretty well but have read good reports of Loreal's True Match makeup. What do you think of it? Does it break you out? Is it too oily or dry? Would appreciate your advise. Don't want to mess up the good I have accomplished but mineral makeup doesn't seem to cover very well for me.