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  1. 11th grade i had no acne. i broke out really bad that summer so senior year was filled with acne. tho the red marks fade over the years and then you can look forward to seeing everyone again with a fresh face.
  2. things are well nothing to complain about. how bout yourself?

  3. walmart lightening is the worst. i like dim lighting not just cuz it makes your skin look better but its more relaxing.
  4. no way i could do that i used to try before accutane. once i cleared up tho i look all the time and it kinda sucks. only time i dont really do it is when im at work. its nice to not look at myself for a few hours.
  5. Hey whats up butthead?

  6. I know its been too long. We need to talk more often. Youre fucking cool for a girl who lives in the swamps.

  7. hello friend! =)

  8. i had similar skin but back on my jawline. accutane really took care of it. its taken a long time for everything to fade but my skin is pretty good right now. just stick with the accutane get clear and then you dont have to worry about it anymore.
  9. thank you whats up i miss you!

  10. aquaphor kept my lips smooth and soft while on it. get a good spf and moisturizer and youll be good. dont use anything with it.
  11. a little bit of sun during the day is healthy for you. like 10 minutes or something.
  12. i think it would be a good idea to just go with what your derm thinks is best.
  13. i was in the same exact boat as you. i took finished accutane a year ago and when i was done i weighed 155 lbs. i lifted over the summer and gained about 25. did the whole bulking thing with protein shakes and 6 meals a day. i now weigh about 175 and my acne is barely there. during the lifting never had breakouts. all i gotta say is everyone is different. we all got our little things that set it off.
  14. i use tretinion cream at night and spf in the mornings but thats mainly to keep my skin looking even smooth and stuff. other than that i dont do anything though. i never wash with cleansers or put anything else on. my skin would always get too dry when i washed and make it look red and uneven. i also took accutane a long time ago so acne isnt a problem really.
  15. Interesting, I usually gain due to all the eating out. Bad weight, that is.
  16. bingo my biggest problem is im afraid of getting attached. i over think everything and add large amounts of stress to myself. my current relationship is a more than friends thing. i say i gotta get to her know her better before ever being anything more but to be honest that wont ever happen. plus she kinda smells. not horrible just not pretty like most girls do.
  17. im watching this right now. its fucked on so many levels... i love it
  18. jeez you still remember about me? ive been doing well with lots of junk going on with my life at the moment. how bout you?

  19. im going as butthead from beavis and butthead. my friend is going as beavis.

  20. i dont really think youre gay you know