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  1. 11th grade i had no acne. i broke out really bad that summer so senior year was filled with acne. tho the red marks fade over the years and then you can look forward to seeing everyone again with a fresh face.
  2. i miss you germy

  3. KEVO!!!! AHH!!!

  4. HEY! just caught ur wall comment.. and that "dont give a bleep" video--HAHAH that one is grrrrreat

    betta see you online soon jigga :)

  5. Same as you. i'm doing good thanks :)

  6. lol thanks...

    ur pretty cool for a desert dude

    haha the other day me and my friend superglued a plastic little indian dude to the central heating && ac control boxes in a teachers class...and today it was on the top of her board lol i was like WTF

  7. things are well nothing to complain about. how bout yourself?

  8. Hey you!!!

    Long time no speak. How's things with you?

  9. walmart lightening is the worst. i like dim lighting not just cuz it makes your skin look better but its more relaxing.
  10. no way i could do that i used to try before accutane. once i cleared up tho i look all the time and it kinda sucks. only time i dont really do it is when im at work. its nice to not look at myself for a few hours.
  11. Hey whats up butthead?

  12. I know its been too long. We need to talk more often. Youre fucking cool for a girl who lives in the swamps.

  13. you are really cute:)

  14. hey dude =)

    i havent been on here much lol, but i havent talked to u in a while

    whats up?