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  1. ok, so i've been on diane for about a year, and recently a moved back to the states and my new gyno advised me to switch to this new bcp i've never heard of, called Zovia 35E. She assured me that it was farely equivalent to Diane. My question is : Has anyone tried Zovia? would i most likely expect an initial breakout right after switching birth control?....should i just stick to diane?...the reason why im even considering switching becuase honestly im very happy with diane becuase i pay around
  2. HeY!! StOp stressing out over obviously NoThInG!...i totally agree with Wynne, just be confident (which is no prob, for you right?) and most importantly just be yourself...TRUST ME...looks dont mean anything when you have a great guy by your side, personality is a mayor plus. Don't worry you'll do fine... SmiLe
  3. what was your dose? 20 mg daily for entire course, and I had cystic acne bad! why were you on such a low dose?
  4. so that's why you would ask me if i were molested?....yeah that makes sense.... we have a smart one here, people....
  5. um, no .....just for the record, i've never been molested or raped for that matter, but wouldn't you think i would know my back pain was becuase of that, and i've NEVER had back pain until 3 days ago, which was shortly after getting a higher dose of 'tane.
  6. um, look i know your depressed or whatever but don't take it out on me by making stupid comments
  7. ok, please don't take me very seriously now but i would say, yes. I remember my derm telling me the very first visit that i had to get these red marks and "inflammation" taken care of A.S.A.P becuase after all the inflammation went down, all the red maks would eventually indent and leave really bad scars, so he prescribed Celestone for a month and i am not very sure if it was the celestone exactly or something else i was also taking at the same time but i really saw an improvement in my red mar
  8. ok, so i've had this really weird back pain for like 3 days now and i don't know why....i mean i knew that with accutane i would be having muscular pain and stuff but i thought it was only after you did some kind of work-out or physical activity. I haven't called my derm becuase i don't want him to think i'm this huge baby whining about my back pain, or even worse make him lower my dose back to 20mg, but i'm kind of getting worried becuase i don't really know why my back is hurting ( like if i
  9. so i should just tell my derm i don't want to go through with the peelings becuase i thinks he is wrong?, wouldn't that just tick him off?
  10. so wait, let me get this clear....exfoliating and peelings are GOOD while on accutane? i'm soooo confused....
  11. please guys, anything would help....i have my appointment today at 7:00pm....i don't really know if i should go
  12. well, my derm has been insisting on me having to get peelings done every 15 days (since i started, which is like a month and a half ago) becuase he says its the best thing, becuase not only will the peeling help dry up all the active acne i have now, but it will make me get like "new layers of skin" or some wacko shit like that and i asked him wouldn't that make me more propense to more scarring, and he said hell na....j/k....he just said no....he said that totally the contrare, it would help m
  13. well, i'm pretty much the same as you, i'm also 18, i'm 5'9''( i think, last time i checked) and if im not mistaken, also weigh like 62 or 63 kg. my derm also told me that i would be on 40mg. for the rest of my treatment and that until my last month would he change my dose to 20mg again....so i figured (i hope ) it's a good enough dose to hit this thing hard, and not have to deal with acne again for quite some time if not for good! *fingers-crossed* oh and PR, just hang in there and you'll