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  1. Does Beurer Softlaser does really help? Anybody using it? Please tell me any good/bad feedbacks about it. I was thinking of buying one but I just want to make sure I am making the right decision. Your input is greatly appreciated. Thank you. http://www.skincarelaser.com/beauty-benefits.htm
  2. I Love MAC Studio Fix so much.
  3. Nancypick - What is "Karin Herzog"? I just started using the 302 Cleanser and drops last night, I just want to know what is Karin Herzog as I want to do everything to make my scars go away. Thank you.
  4. I just ordered the 302 Protein Drops and the 302 Treatment Cleanser. I am so excited! I am hoping for the better. I will keep you guys posted once I get it, start using it and the developments.
  5. I started getting acne when I was 21. I am now 27 and still get occasional breakouts.
  6. ALRIGHT!! The book will be free..... But why say "No wonder you all have acne"??????????????????
  7. MAJIC - we are here to help one another so why are you saying "No wonder you all have acne, you are all way too stressed out." That is a really mean thing to say coming from someone like you that is making a book to help out people with acne. I don't think you are here to help, I think you are here to get our ideas on what works for us about our acne, then you put it all together then VIOLA! you have a book and sell it out. WHAT A FAKE!!!
  8. My Dermatologist gave me Tetracycline couple of years ago and I took it for more than a month it did not do anything for me besides making me feel nauseous. But everybody is different, so maybe it'll work for you.
  9. I suggest Mac Studio Fix, it is both a foundation and a powder in one.
  10. Where do I get tretinoin+ PureDeming Intense Gel? Dermatologist? How do I use tretinoin+ PureDeming Intense Gel combo?
  11. What is the best scar treatment? My scar is not really that dark. It is deep and it is only in the middle of my cheeks and few on my nose and forehead. I haven't experienced any breakouts in the past 3 months. Please help.
  12. I am using Acne Cure for about 2 weeks now and I can say that it is really good. I had no breakouts since then (except for the first 2 days). My skin is a little dry but I use a moisturizer and its fine. Here is what I use: AM 1.) Neutrogena oil free cleanser with 2% salicylic acid 2.) Glycolic Acid (I use Alpha Hydroxy brand and it has 10% glycolic acid). Wash it off after a few minutes. 3.) Purpose moisturizer with 15 SPF PM 1.) Neutrogena oil free cleanser with 2% salicylic acid 2
  13. In the URL address you posted for Walgreens it says that this product is for non-oily skin, but I have an oily skin, will this work for me or just make my acne worst?