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  1. Thanks Anyone else know of any other good natural cleansers or moisturizers which are good?
  2. I'm trying to use more natural products on my face and just wondered if any of you have tried these. Jason D-Clog Balancing Cleanser for Oily/Combination Skin which you can see here; http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp...andFilter=12404 Jason Aqua Moist Balancing Moisture Lotion - Anti-bacterial, non-comedogenic and hypo-allergenic, to help flush out pores. Its clean and gentle action helps balance the skin is tendency toward excessive oil production using Jojoba Beads, Loofah Powd
  3. Eek havent updated for ages. I'm not sure what day I'm on now... abot day 66 I think. My skins looking so much better and I actually feel relatively confident with it! I've had a couple of small spots but nothing major. The only problem is blackheads and the texture and red marks, but I guess the texture and red marks will get better with time. Ok thats all! xxxxxxxxxxx
  4. Oxy on the spot 2.5%, you can get it from boots and superdrug. There's also quinoderm. But if you can i suggest Dans bp, because it is far superior and you get tons more!
  5. Day 47: I had an evil spot come up on my cheek today, and it's quite sore but I've put a load of extra bp on it and that normally sorts it out! Ah I love dans bp!! Apart from that nothing to report on the skin side of things. I 've been feeling a lot better mentally lately, I feel more comfortable in bright lights and outside light (the worst kind imo!). So yeh, it's all good! Enjoy life everyone!!
  6. Hi, good luck with the regimen. Are you using a moisturizer? Because even though I have very oily skin I still need moisturizer because bp dries my skin so much. It's a really good idea to use a moisturizer even if you don't have dryness at the beginning, because it's better to prevent it! Anyhow good luck.
  7. Day 46: I’ve added photos in my first post now ^^^ . I apologise for the disgust you may feel looking at them, lol. Well I look like a wreck today due to saying up drinking until five this morning, oh well gotta love the student life! My skins looking the same pretty much, still clearing up, wish I could get rid of the blackheads though… help me someone! I started using a new moisturizer yesterday- its Lutsine Hydrafnia soothing moisturizer. So far I really like it, but It only com
  8. Day 43: My skin is looking so much better these last few days, I haven't had any major spots, but I still have a ton of clogged pores and a few small bumps. But overall, I'm pretty happy with it right now. my red marks are fading good aswell- yay! I do have a few problems though, the pores on my forehead and around my nose are too big! Also although my skin gets a bit dry from the bp it is still really oily, i cant control it! I doubt anyone reads this but if anyone has any suggestions for me,
  9. Day 33: (?) Havent written in my log for a while because I've been away, which hasn't done much good to my skin really. But overall it looks alright I think, but I've been going out all day and in the evening and drinking so I wasn't following the regime as strictly as I should. But now I'm going to start being a bit more careful. I dont have any major spots just little bumps and my red marks are fading- I feel optomistic!
  10. I would say don't use the scrub, a big part of the regimen is to be gentle and scrubs aren't gentle! If you want to do the regimen I would say follow it as closely as possible- Dan specifically says that you should not irritate your skin. Have a look at the video where he washes his face and you'll see how gentle he is. Good luck!
  11. Day 13: My skin is looking loads better today, everything is flattening out. i just have those small annoying bumps at the moment, I really hope bp can get rid of them. I also have tons of red marks, but hey they will fade eventually.
  12. Day 12: My skin looked disgusting yesterday , it was flaking off so much. But today it looks a bit better, I have about four raised spots and a lot of other small bumps, blackheads etc but generally everything is flattening out and looking a lot better, but I'm still flaking a lot and my skin is pretty dry. I have nearly two weeks at home now cos I'm back from university so hopefully I can ramp up the bp and hide during the day if I end up looking like a flaking freak.
  13. DAY 10 (I think) : I started applying bp in the morning yesterday and my skin is so red- i look like a freak! I couldn't even cover it with make up . I know this is to be expected though so I'll keep continuing with it. I really hope the redness goes away soon though, it looks pretty bad.
  14. Thanks guys. Personally I have found a couple of masks which are helpful to me, the rest I've tried are just crap! Anyhow yeh I'm not going to use them whilst on the regimen. Thanks for your help.
  15. Celebration, I'd just thought I'd pop in and say hi- I looked at your gallery and your progress is great, its very encouraging for me since I just started the regimen. Sorry about that embarassing moment with your Aunt- ugh those kind of things can make you feel down, but remember how far you've come with your skin. Good Luck