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  1. Well, I havent shaved in 2 weeks. And I havent had a breakout yet. However, its starting to get really difficult to apply the BP cream. Dan recommended that I get a BP gel before growing a beard, and he's right, that would help out a lot. In the meantime, I bought the Clean&Clear acne facial cleanser w/ BP 10%. Unlike On-the-Spot, it is able to penetrate the whiskers and it lathers up really nicely. Also, the Eucerin alphahydroxy moisturizer is liquidy enough to do its job perfect. So fa
  2. Dan, Can BP penetrate facial hair? I'm thinking about growing a beard in order to cover up my acne scars. But Im not sure if the regimen will still work? By the way, your regimen has cleared my skin 100%. Now if you ever concoct a regimen to make acne scars disappear, you will be my superhero!
  3. Back when the Egypians we're alive, the planet was a lot cleaner. I've noticed that when I visit my family in rural Arkansas my skin tends to clean up. But in Brooklyn, where the pollution level is very high, I've got terrible skin. I really think that the high air polution levels coupled with a steady diet of crappy food is what has triggered a wide acne epidemic amongst modern people. Just a thought.
  4. What kind of bandaids to use to cover up the Neosporin?
  5. Slaughter - Buy a lemon press! I saw a bartender use one and it works like a charm.
  6. Denise2 - I just the movie 'Lost in Translation' starring Bill Murray and I can assure you that the man still has significant acne scarring. I'm curious, what made you think different?
  7. Why do celebritries who have noticeable acne scarring (i.e. Bill Murray, Lawrence Fishburne, Steve Forbes) choose not to get it fixed? With all their money, it seems to me they could afford the best plastic surgeons in the world. Maybe it's just the harsh movie lights that they are constantly filmed under which makes their scarring look worse then it actually is. But it still perplexes me, because if I had big bucks, I would get the scars fixed in a New York minute. Can you think of any other
  8. I follow Dan's regimen morning and night and it has worked great. But I still wake up in the morning with tremendously oily skin, especially around my nose and upper chin. Any help?
  9. neosporin is really good since it keeps the area moist and less likely to scab and fall off in the middle of the night. Also, you can buy tiny round bandaids to put over the spot to prevent a scab from falling off prematurely. The biggest lesson of all is never pick at a scab!
  10. I have tried to grow a beard to hide my acne scars, but inevitably within 3-4 days of sprouting whiskers, my face gets very irritated and I have a big break out. Does anyone have a solution on how to grow a beard and also continue Dan's regimen simultaneously? This would seem like an impossible task, I know, since BP doesn't take too kindly to a 5 o'clock shadow, much less a full beard. But any ideas I would appreciate. By the way, on average do women like/dislike facial hair?
  11. Here is a link to the docotor who wrote the book on acne and how to fix it. He practices in California, about an hour outside of LA. Good luck. http://www.doctorfulton.com/services/servi...=acnetreatments