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  1. I'm feelin 4 ya Allex. Just hang in there man. You've got a cool personality...nobody can see your face on message boards and the true you shines thru, baby!
  2. I just started it a couple days ago and I like what i see. I hope it keeps up the good work!
  3. Pro means " for". SO Proacne means For Acne. I like my treatments to be for acne. Maybe you guys are trying to cure something else. :-k I thought about how ridiculous it sounded at first, but then I thought about it and it makes sense. Don't stereotype stuff, dudes! Peace out!
  4. accutane has made some people depressed and even suicidal. I don't want that to happen to you, Honeymuffin. Take care and don't give up.
  5. wow, that b5 sounds hot. think i'm gonna try it. don't have a problem with acne, just the damn red scars.
  6. One of the ways Accutane is such an acne miracle is because it drastically reduces the amount of sebum(oil) your sebaceous glands produce. This can be very helpful since oil buildup can clog pores etc, but the oil does lubricate your skin and keeps it from getting red or irritated. I'm pretty sure that your skin is reacting to the assault on its sebaceous glands! The redness is understandable. You probably already know this though.
  7. by "waterproof" i meant that water wouldn't any less effective. nomatter how wet you got. you could wash it off with some kind of cleanser, but not just water. your best bet would be to bring some little bottle/tube/container of your salicylic acid with you so you can reapply every so often after getting wet. sorry i can't provide more help.
  8. yeah, cetaphil is cool in that way. if you leave some in your pores, it'll be at work keeping you clean round th clock.
  9. yeah, the purpose soap worked awesome. I like getting the big 6 oz bar of it. It lasts for about a month, so its well for the $3-6 you pay for it, smells nice, washes off well and does its job good. Plus, its gentle on the skin and doesn't contain any harsh ingredients. very natural, very good. I'd recommend it, if you're not satisfied with what u got. cetaphil is good though too.
  10. Have you tried the Purpose soap that Dan suggests? worked well 4 me. :roll:
  11. yeah, they're too nosy. Give advice and "words of wisdom" before you even ask for it. Calling attention to the fact that you've got a war zone on your face is the LAST thing you want! People can be so damn inconsiderate.