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    If you were dying of cancer today, <br /><br />what would you want to do and <br /><br />why is it that your acne holding you back from doing it?<br /><br />I have been asking myself this question all month.
  1. Come check out my story. You might find something in there that may help you... http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...=1577&st=18
  2. Putting it in porridge would be a good idea. The seeds are pretty heat-stable. Not sure about the oil, but I usually add it when I'm halfway done and the oats have cooled off. It might be superstition, but if you want to make absolutely certain that you're not lessening its effectiveness this is how I'd do it.
  3. I documented my whole phase for the past year. I even posted pictures... and when I look back yes it was tough. I still get cystic acne and have entertained the thought it's coming back full force. Hang in there and you'll find how the world is really yours. Educate yourself in something other than treatment. Everyone hurts. If not from acne, from childhood, from love, from something... time opens eyes and I know all of you will cope. Kone
  4. I had my first panic attack over the weekend. It was strange. There was a group over my place and I was to meet with them for 2 hours. After introducing myself I found couldn't speak well and I was sweating profusely. It didn't stop. My shirt was soaked in less than a minute. I don't sweat that much working out!!! I guess acne has a way of controlling our deepest fears of what others think. That is ultimately why acne hit me hard, because as much as I convinced myself that I don't care what o
  5. I received an e-mail from ebay today saying that he has been "warned" and my pics have been taken off! but mish mosh has told me he has taken some OTHER pictures from another guys photo album! Yeah he took my pic. I contacted a few of the buyer to find out what they thought of the product and to let them know that he lied and used my image without permission. In the process though I accidentally sent a message the seller himself!!! Damnit. That was so stupid it gave me chuckles. The guy
  6. I ordered a large gallon of Hibiclens online but the shipping broke me. Then I went to London Drugs in Vancouver here and asked the pharmacist about Hibitane and they had a replacement product called Stanhexidine that also has 4% Chlorhexidine Gluconate with 4% V/V Isopropyl alcohol Cost: 10$ for 500ml Funny there is such an explosion about Hibitane. A year ago I had the best skin in my life because of some chance purchase of Hibitane. I saw it on the counter in the acne section and said "wh