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  1. I think I'll be going with a TCA peel, any comments, suggestions, recommendations on that and how to do it?
  2. What is Retin-A, how do I do that? And does anyone think that the aspirin mask would help clear up everything apart from the scars, because atleast that would be a start
  3. Other then Accutane though is there anything else? And as far as I knew, Accutane treats acne, not scarring?
  4. Any other suggestions other than Accutane(I believe thats the stuff that the kid was on when he flew a small plane into a building and killed himself because of)
  5. No, I was just out in the sun alot today though and kinda got alittle sunburn.
  6. The first pic I guess is minor scarring with red marks and some active acne and the second one is primarily scarring. I have tried proactiv, it didn't help any. I've been trying neosporin for 4-5 weeks now and it hasn't helped. I just started using 100% aloe vera tonight, but I doubt that will help any either Any suggestions on how to clear up my little problem here, I have had this for little over a year now.