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  1. Okay to start things off I have dried out whiteheads on my chin and they wont go away. Does anyone know how to get rid of them. I also have pimples by my cheeks and on my forehead. I really need help to get rid of them. I tried this stuff that the doctor gave me, but it worked for awhile then it stopped working. Now I use Clean & Clear Acne Spot Treatment but i just started so I have to wait and watch... But does anyone know any other fast and easy natural or even cleansers that will re
  2. if u put it once does it work or do u have to do it everyday.....n does it burn or anything????
  3. does anyone have a way that can get rid of pimples really really fast????? like a natural way or a cleanser of something??? please help!!!
  4. i have few little black scars on my chin does someone kno how to get them off??? please help if u know any natural ways or other cleansers or something??