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  1. you mean just add DKR moutirizer and then add teh aha over it?
  2. i was wondering if i can add more jojoba oil or pour in a bottle of 10%AHA in DKR Moisturizer.
  3. i was just wondering if anyone had any luck using Tea Tree Oil as a treatment , i tried using it but i say my skin got very bad from it ;[
  4. what is an asprin mask? and is it good/bad?
  5. i was wondering if anyone use babywash as a cleanser and how is it working. i feel that it clogs my pores and im thinking about switching to DKR.
  6. i was wondering if it would be a better idea to take fish oils all at once at night time or take it 3 times during the day mourning , afternoon , night.
  7. i dont even wanna see those sideeffects that why im scared to take it :[
  8. hello , i take a multivitamin (megamensport) fishoils, and acidpholius. the multivitamin has 200mcg of selenium and 5000ui of vitamin A. i was looking to buy this thing from gnc called GNC Antiaxidoent and it has vitamin A,C,E and Selenium. it has 5000ui of vitamin a and 200mcg of selenium. so that will be 10000ui of vitamin A and 400mcg total of selenium. im not really worried about vitamin a i think thats a safe amount but im worried about taking 400mcg of selenium im scared of its sideeff
  9. i was just wondering what is the difference between Retin-A Micro 0.1% and Paula's Choice 2%BHA Gel , dont they basicly do the same thing? im planning to use this with bp and roatate every few days that cleared me up completely few months ago. but i used retin-a micro then and was wondering if i can achieve the same results with a good BHA.
  10. i just baught 100% Tea Tree Oil from NourishSkin , how and can i directly apply full strength to my face?
  11. i just feel that bp is more effective applying it without jojoba oil on my skin already , i think ima do it that way.