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  1. you know i noticed a point where after I applied BP then applied moisturizer too soon afterwards, the moisturizer would coagulate and show up as flakes on my skin. Rather embarrassing. The trick was to let the BP dry up first so your pores re-open again for your face to reabsorb the moisturizer. So I would recommended letting your skin proper time to dry off, perhaps 30 minutes.
  2. Specifically what products did you switch to just out of curiosity?
  3. i'm in the same boat where when I first applied the regimen it worked for 8-9 months then stopped working. I took a month break trying other things but then I got to the point where my breakout was bad enough that I was desperate to try the regimen again. It worked again where I was completely acne-free! Then another 8-9 months pass and again I'm breaking out. Tried taking a break for 3 weeks (until my acne started to flare up badly again) and went back on it. Doesn't seem to be working that
  4. i've stated this before but I think sometimes you just need to cycle your use of BP once it starts losing its efficacy. When I first started on BP i was clear for about 4 months. However 2 months after that I couldn't stop breaking out. It'd be anywhere from 3-4 zits some a good size. I got to the point where I gave up on Bp and tried to go w/out BP. Tried all sorts of other regimens and finally tried out this hot water w/ baking soda and ACV. That broke me out so horribly I had to go bac
  5. i've been doing only nights since I started over a year ago. 6 months in the regimen stopped working and i went off of it. Tried everything from hot water w/ no soap...then later to ACV and baking soda...the latter just made my skin horrible so after 1-2 months since being off the regimin I went back on and it cleared up my skin like when I first used it. I doing 1 application at night and that's been fine for me. W/ all the BP I'm putting on daily i'll limit myself to one applicatio a day.
  6. ahh...unfortunately I wouldn't be too sure about that bit. Many times since it's been many years since the interest, the interest most likely would've disappeared. What's worse is even had he been still interested, he probably had this image of her and if she has changed for the worse, it would only shatter that image he's held onto for so long. Don't mean to put the original poster down at all. Just wanted to bring the other side of the argument to this statement.
  7. yeah,i've.recently.thought.about.it.w/.a.girl.friend.of.mine. She.has.a.bump.face.w/some.breakout.but.I.wonder.if.the.CSR.would.help. clear.her.face.better....Course.I.can't.just.bring.it.up.like.that.
  8. I've.stated.this.several.times.before.and.I'll.restate.my.belief.on.this. For.some.people.CSR.works.in.cycles...For.me.I.was.great.for.3+months.the. first.time...After.that,I.started.developing.some.new.acne.again...Not.to.the. point.of.being.horrible,but.still.quite.the.contrast.to.previously.when.I.had.pretty. much.ZERO.acne...After.that.I.tried.just.doing.water.washes.w/.neosporin. spot.treatment...After.that.I.tried.the.gel+baking.soda.and.ACV.treatment. That.latter.treatment.broke.me.out.
  9. I've.been.in.the.same.boat.as.the.original.poster...worked.great.for.a.few.months.then.boom...acne.started. coming.back...i.would.get.2-3.good.sized.ones.and.after.one's.gone.away.another.would.come.to.take.it's.place... after.a.while.i.went.off.the.regimin.and.tried.different.non-bp.related.things.on.my.face...long.story.short,one.combination of.baking.soda+cetaphel.cleanser+ACV,caused.my.face.to.break.out.even.worse....one.month.later.I.went.back.to.the.CSR.and. my.face.is.back.to.the.way.it.w
  10. I do it like Dan as well. Put a big globe line along my index finger. I take the amount on the first segment on my index finger (actually just a little more than that) and I apply it to the right side of my face for about 5 minutes. Then I take a small amount and do my chin. Then I take approx the same amount that I applied to the right side of my face and apply to the left side for 5 minutes. Then I take the rest and apply to my forehead.
  11. I was in a similar situation where it worked so well for the first few months that I never thought about acne again. Then it just stopped working and I was consistently getting a bit of acne again. I tried stopping the program and using some neosporin to control it. It felt liberating not having to apply it every night for 15 minutes and my face felt better. However, the acne didn't go away and I ended up trying thos baking powder face scrub w/ ACV and my face blew up. So after a month brea
  12. I've heard that BP + Too much Sun = Increase in aging skin. (not sure even with Sunscreen) Anybody else heard of this?
  13. several times it was noted this regimen is good for people using BP as well. What if you don't use BP and normally just wash w/ water? Any of you not using BP and using this treatment and getting the good results?