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  1. is this the first time you've used benzol peroxide? It's not a strong BP and I'm used to the stinging subsiding after several washes. I think you may be allergic to it or just very sensitive so i'm askin if this is your first time using it on large portions of your face
  2. You should probably stop moisturizing. Start by using less and on certain areas to test.
  3. heh.. my right cheek constantly gets a bump in the same spot. The area right under my eye next to my nose. Upper cheek. It's hard to keep unclogged :eusa_sick:
  4. How does the Purpose bar compare to Spectro Jel? I'm waiting for my order of BP jel to arrive and I'm not sure what cleanser I will stay with. Sometimes I use a Benzol peroxide cleanser (generic proactive wash or prescription wash 3%) and I find that longterm, my face is better while using these washes instead of a gentle one like Cetaphil. I've heard a few complaints about cetaphil not cleaning the pores well enough, etc. I placed a small order to Canada for Spectro Jel because I've heard e
  5. I just ordered the BP jel and I get dry too, but when I start using it I plan on using moisturizer too. I'm just not used to applying moisturizer AFTER applying benzol peroxide. When ever I used both, I would always do the opposite. I'm not saying it did anything great for my face, it's just that I'm so not used to the idea of applying moisturizer last.
  6. I went to the Dermatoligist today and forgot to ask him what he thinks. It does make sense to have the medication enter the skin first, so I'm assuming applying moisturizer first is proven to be less effective? I'll try to change my ways. Just aslong as I don't dry out. I've been bouncing around with different cleansers and I've been using a generic proactive BP wash and creme. They've been working well for me, but I dry out and I think it's the cleansers fault. The Cetaphil antibacterial b
  7. I'm not used to applying moisturizer ontop of BP or any medication for that matter. Is it ok to apply moisturizer first? I know the regime says to apply moisturizer last, but I like to apply it shortly before my face drys after washing it so it doesn't get tight and dry.