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  1. Hi bluemorpho, thanks for your encouragement, I am also very glad and satisfied with my results, and the before-after pictures help a lot in appreciating the improvement. Although I could clearly see in the mirror that there was improvement, it was hard to judge how much. With the pictures I can easily tell the difference, see that it is really working and also take a guess at how many more treatments I will need to get where I want to. Hope you get good results, too!
  2. Hi zonk, I live in Europe, and there are still very few doctory who offer Fraxel at all over here... I don't even know if there is a doctor that offers Fraxel 1500 somewhere at a reasonable distance from my home. Maybe I would try it. But for the moment my doc and the Fraxel 750 are ok for me. I know and trust him and feel he respects me and feel well treated, which is very important for me.
  3. Hi, today I want to give some feedback of my Fraxel treatments. I started in June and ever since have had 4 treatments each a month apart. Treatment levels were very low -not because I wanted so, but because my doctor was reluctant to go higher in the beginning. Then he went a bit higher. My levels were: 15-15-20-25. I never had too many problems with the treatments. The treatments were painful, swelling had subsided after two days, redness was still there but ok after 4 days and gone after a we
  4. Hi jimmyjoe, I have only had one fraxel so far, two weeks ago, the effect on texture and skin color are very positive and clearly noticeable in my case. I had very uneven skin color and all kind of red and brown pigmentation all over the face. It has improved about 50-60 %, it's like a miracle to me! I have not noticed an effect on scars so far, however, it is probably too early for that and will need more treatments.
  5. I had a 50 % TCA peel. Recovery was horrible and very long, about 3 weeks, I got one major scar from the peel and pigmentation. I am having fraxel now to improve my skin and repair damage not only from acne but also from the TCA peel. Recovering from fraxel was nothing compared to recovery from the TCA peel. I would never do it again.
  6. I think redness depends very much on the person and the settings. I had my first fraxel (750) on Friday, so just too days ago, and by now the redness is almost gone. I cannot believe it myself. I was very red on Friday, a little red yesterday, today there is not much redness left at all anymore, it looks more like suntanned. I am still a bit swollen, though. I do not know exactly which settings the doctor used, but I know it was not deep, because he said I practically have only very shallow scar
  7. Hi, I am trying to understand what settings there are with fraxel treatment and what they mean. Am I right, that the mJ expresses the depth -and thus possibly efficacy- of the treatment? How is that associated with the levels (8,9,10 up to 20, 25 etc.) that I see people writing about? And how important are the passes and how many are usually done? I will have my first fraxel treatment next Friday and have no idea so far about all this and if I can/should ask the doctor to do a certain level/ener
  8. Yes, Khari is a persian name... Well, although I have had two smoothbeam treatments, different areas of the face were treated, so that each area was treated only once. So far I have no seen or noticed any difference in skin texture or oilyness, I hope that with more treatments I will get positive results! The numbing cream was applied twice: one hour and half an hour before the treatment. No saran wrap, though. Also I could feel the surface of my skin becoming numb, but apparently the smoot
  9. Hi, I have had two smoothbeam treatments so far, the first one without anesthetic, the second time with a numbing cream. The cream had made no difference at all, it was TERRIBLY painful. My derm now suggested taking oral painkillers. Has anyone who had smoothbeam treatment tried this? Or any other successful method of pain relief for this treatment?
  10. I guess she simply does not have much experience with smoothbeam and thus does not know how the scar will react. And yes, she is charging me for that, although not very much... but considering that I have to get at least 4-6 treatments it will cost quite a bit. I already tried with retinoids and peels, but no effect so far. The problem is that I cannot go too harsh, because the scar is on the eyelid, very sensitive tissue. That is why she suggested smoothbeam, because it is not supposed to da
  11. I have a raised, thick scar (but not really hypertrophic according to my derm) on my eyelid, and my derm suggests smoothbeam to flatten it out. But she told me that she did not know herself if it would work or not, that the treatment is experimental. Has anyone here had smoothbeam and noticed raised scars becoming flatter? Also, the scar is very pale. Would smoothbeam increase pigmentation of the scar?
  12. I am 3 weeks into treatment with Roaccutane (20/40 mg on alternating days) and besides common side effects (very chapped lips, back pain etc.) I am starting to feel more and more tired. I first noticed it after about 2 weeks and was not sure if it had to to with the Tane, but now I am quite sure it does. I sleep about 2 hours more a day than before and still then it seems hard to get out of bed. Also I get tired during the day, which was not the case before. Who has experienced this, too?
  13. So are you saying that before you had straight hair and now you have curly hair? I have heard this happen to people how have suddenly lost their hair, e.g. through chemotherapy. How much Accutane did you take (daily and total dosis) and for how long?
  14. I have back pain from day 3 of my treatment! Dizzyness and stomach ache from day 13 on. Nose bleeding started today, day 20. I was on 40 mg/day the first two weeks, but because of the side effects now I only take 20 mg every 2-3 days, when I feel that side effects are getting too much. This really helps me a lot, I feel better the next day and start taking 40 mg again. The back and stomach pains and dizzyness went away now. I also started dividing the dosis into 20 mg/morning 20 mg/evening, inst
  15. The price they charge for Accutane in the US is a rip off! Here in Europe I paid 50 Euros (about 60 US $) for a packet of 50 tablets/20 mg Roaccutane. Maybe you should try getting it via a European pharmacy over the internet.