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  1. Hi droog, Best of luck with your accutane journey. I am just under two weeks through mine and started on 40mg. All is well at the moment no intial breakout and currently only two active spots! This is probably due to taking the tetracyclines which you warned me about, but have had no side effects. I have extremely sore lips and I am trying desperately hard not to let them crack (loads of vaseline, lip sos cream and chap stick). I have noticed a reduction in oil secretion but hopefully it will c
  2. Hi there. I am currently on oxytetracyline (& 2nd day of accutane). I had no intial breakout just gradually cleared my acne, mainly infected spots. I know just have a few small whiteheads & clogged pores (who knows these may subsude as well). The antibiotics started to noticeably work 2 weeks in (I am now approaching my 3rd week of treatment) & am on a dose of 250mg twice daily. Hope this helps.
  3. Just thought I would add I am going to continue using Quinoderm night and day as it does not dry my skin. When my skin begins to dry i will stop and use Eucerin moisturiser. paintme.
  4. Hi everyone, Well I have jumped on the self-prescribed bandwagon and today recieved my 60*20mg Acnotin capsules all the way from Thailand. I popped my first pill after lunch. I'm pretty clear at the moment only one active spot, this is however due to oxytetracylcine. I have decided to start the first few weeks on 20mg a day and continue taking the antibiotics. This is quite a risk as there have been rare cases of sweeling of the brain experienced while taking tetracylines (I obviously hope I'm
  5. How many people would agree that starting on a lower dosage of tane (20mg) would most probably reduce the severtiy of an intial breakout, as opposed to just starting on a higher dose (40mg). Thanks for your help. Also... Has anyone had experience of taking oxytetracycline (tetracycline) while on tane. I know there are specific warning not too, the side effects are nausea (due to swelling of the brain!?) I am currently taking oxytetracycline, would it be safe to start tane immediately if I disc
  6. Hi I have mild-moderate acne and will be going on accutane soon at 40mgs a day. How long do you think until I see some positive result and how long do you think I will need to stay on the tane for? Thanks for your help.
  7. Thanks for your help guys. I will not make this descision lightly. Is there any difference between generic and brand name accutane? Is it just a marketing name? How effective is accutane on mild-moderate acne?
  8. Has anyone tried this website for meds? Thanks for your help.
  9. Its a shame the only treatment I believe would work is out of my reach. I would be willing to buy some over the potential risks, its quite a scary thought!
  10. Is it possible to buy accutane without a prescription? Where do you get it from? Thanks for your help.