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  1. i dropped out of a college class on the first day when i looked at the syllabus/cirriculum. it required video taping. i was like yeah right! there is no way i will let the class see my ugly ass face on video! yeah, and i hate my friends who ALWAYS bring their digi cams everyway they go. its like they think every outing is a good time to take pics. and just like u i hate taking pics. i kinda have trained myself to look at myself in the best lighting to decieve myself i look half decent
  2. i kinda always thought it was just large pores. but upon doing a search it seems like a type of scarring. what is it? and how do u get rid of it?
  3. its weird. the skin with scars on my face have a different surface from normal skin. the skin seems to be swelled slightly and thickened. it has a waxy appearance. i'm just trying to figure out if scars come from the type of pimple u have or the type of skin u have. for me, i'm thinking skin. can anyone relate to this crappy skin texture? it looks waxy and swollen slightly. hard to describe but i see ppl with scars with this type of skin quite often.
  4. please indicate ur race (White, Black or Asian) then indicate what the color of ur scar is i'll start things off: Asian Same color in the morning. Gets increasingly dark at night. Turns into a brownish hue at 2am. It is always at 2 when i get all these suicidal rages.
  5. scudboy

    In tears

    lisa, i feel for u. i don't know if this helps, but u can kinda look a tthis in a positive way. The reason why the doctor didn't take u too seriously might be because he doesn't see ur condition as being severe. If u were scarred REAL bad, i think any doctor with half a heart would have pity and do anything to help u. I don't know if this made u feel better. But it does to me sometimes. Cause when i hear a doctor or derm tell me "Hahahahaha! thats nothing. U have very mild xxxxx." Yes
  6. sorry to rain on ur parade. but its been said on this thread. my derm straight up told me that microderm is a scam. it simply doesn't go deep enough to smooth scars. so don't waste ur mom's money. and good luck with ur treatments.
  7. just curious what would happen. for example if i did smthg like a AHA peel or laser. would it cause severe scarring? or is it smthg else?
  8. i posted this on the other thread b4 but just wanna give u a heads up on the dangers of Hydroquinone. its been banned in many countries. plus i saw the post on the compliment the sales lady gave u. u might want to settle down and enjoy what u have. i've made alot of mistakes when i got too greedy.
  9. hydroq. has been banned in europe and parts of Asia. That thing is bad. i'm surprised its not banned in america considering the horror stories of it.
  10. big congrats! man, do i wish i have a fraction of a chance of someone saying that to me. i just hope to not scare ppl off in the malls. lol again, relax and enjoy life. ur husband is right.
  11. niko... judging from ur username, could u be from japan by any chance? what did the doctor say in regards to the hyperpigmentation? cause i'm asian myself and it seems like it takes forever for me to fade any scar or hyperpigmentation.
  12. i was suppose to have an appointment today at 2. i called it quits after some research. they even did test spots on the back of my neck. the skin there is thick. the 12's left me with scabs and brown marks. the 11's just left slight brown marks. and the 10's dissappeared. she told me she would do a 9 right on Day 1. but still, we're talking about xapping scarred skin on the face. thats like the weakest skin in ur body (except for maybe the skin under your eyes). anyway, i din't wan
  13. thats great to hear! but one last question. my indented scars look pinkish after a shower or at certain times. would the smoothbeam laser erase this discoloration or promote the pink/redness in my indented scars????? this is most important to me cause the indentation and coloring both irritate me. and what do u think would be the downtime in avoiding the outdoors? a week or more?
  14. can u say the same for Smoothbeam? is it like N-lite? u have to understand that i do bruise like a peach and scar quite easily from cuts. i used to heal from scars REAL quick. now, it literally could take months! i'm scared. i want these scars to go SOOO bad. but i don't want to get brown spots all over my cheeks! i have a wedding to atten in September.
  15. any asians done laser here? any help from anyone? generally when i scar, it gets discolored quite easily. even without much time in the sun. there's always this brown ring surrounding the scar afterwawrds which takes months and months to fade. oh she also did some test samples of smoothbeam on my neck back. did 3 samples of each 10,11,12 (total of 9 zap samples). today i found one which got discolored onto brown. 4 were light pink and the rest disappeared. does that mean i'm not f