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  1. I imagine a doctor would tell you to finish your full course as it is likely to be far more effective, than if you were to stop and start again. You can get sun block that has extremely high SPF, like 50 and above, the kind that a mother would use on a new born baby. I'd get one of those, the highest you can find, and apply it religiously while you are on holiday and cover as best you can, wear a hat, etc and avoid the sun as much as possible. I wouldn't worry about it not giving you enough prot
  2. IMO lighting has dramatic effects upon the way your skins looks, especially for those with scarring as certain lights can create shadows, etc. After testing, I find spotlights to be the worse. I have an attic room and have spotlights as the main lighting source within the room, if I take a mirror and stand directly underneath the spotlight, its like 2ft above my head, then my scaring looks beyond nasty LOL . I've even got my mirror and hung out window within the attic to see how it looks in dayl
  3. I'm thinking of buying some Retin-A to help with my scarring, am I ok to still continue with the regimen? I don't have any active acne right now and haven't had any for a long time but know if I stop using BP, it will all come back . I currently only have to apply BP once, every other day to keep everything in order. Also, if it is ok to combined the two, it what order would they best be applied? and does anyone know the cheapest place to order it online to be mailed to the UK? Seems pretty exp
  4. I've been on the regimen for around 9 months now and my acne is now pretty much non-existent apart from the odd spot around my mouth from time to time. Problem I have though is my face is always red . I stopped using an AHA moisturiser recently to see if that was the cause but and it seems the recent change in moisturiser has had no effect on the redness, although I've only used it a few times, I'm gonna keep going with it for another month or so and see if anything changes... Anyone have tip
  5. OK, So I have been using the regimen for about 5 days now and I'm already liking the results, the dryness of the skin is a bitch after applying BP but it tends to be fine once I've added moisturiser, have a quick question though, what is the goal of rubbing the BP around the face? Is it simply to cover every area and then let the BP dry itself or am I trying to rub it in myself? I tend to find by the time I have completely covered my face it is starting to absorb already, I doubt it will happen
  6. Sounds pretty interesting to me, may have to give it a go. As for the canadian...that was a total jackass comment to make. If you're interested in the way the world works, you should seriously check out Charles Darwins, Origins of the Species, its all about evolution.
  7. I dont really talk to my friends about it. I have a mate with quite bad acne and I remember having a long convo with him but he doesnt let it effect him emotionally like it does me, I speak to another friend as well every now and then about it as his older bro used to get it pretty bad and was left with scarring. But as most of u say, very few people understand what its like when u havent actually been through it urself.
  8. I hate shaving but its something u gotta do, I never use a blade cause I find its just too much for my skin and as someone else already said its a nightmare if uve got whiteheads where you wanna shave :/. I just use the sideburn trimmer thing on my electric razor. Its seems to be way less irrating and quicker.
  9. Ok, so I've finally decided to give the CSR a go, the majority of my acne has cleared up nowadays but its still very stubborn around the mouth area, not the best place , I pretty much have 3 nice yellowheads there a day . Anyways I'm gonna go for the following: - Act Washbar - Panoxyl Aquagel 2.5 40g - Eucerin Dry Skin Relief Face Cream with 5% Urea I read many times that its not great to use Eucerin at the start of the regimen, as it causes added redness on top of the BP but I'm gonna go fo
  10. I stopped for about 6months or so and it really made little improvement IMO keep on puffing . I think it has something to do with the chemicals within the cigarette smoke, hijacking the collagen proteins making it harder for the skin to repair itself, etc. (but i may be wrong)
  11. I was watching a programme the other day and it said people tend to look rough, tired, etc the morning after a binge drink because where u p*ss so much while drinking alcohol, you lose a lot more vitamins, minerals, etc than when you would if you were just drinking a average days amount of fluid. IF this has anything to do with breakouts occurring more often, I don't know but it could be related.
  12. Spirited Away is an amazing animated film, it may be a "cartoon" but if you've seen it, I'm sure you will agree with me.
  13. yeh people like that p*** me off although my best friend does it to me but im not sure if hes just looking at my mouth as im speaking
  14. I have like 3 stages in my house where I can tell how decent my skin is, If i look in the bathroom mirror and its all cool then my acne is normal, then i step it up and look in the mirror in my mums room which is right by the window, if my skin looks decent in that then im happy for the day and then if im feeling like a real trooper i'll look in the mirror in the hall which is right under a light so u can see pretty much everything on your face, if I look half decent in that, then i know im impr