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  1. Hi guys, Im from the UK (England Specifically) Do you know of any place I could get this mask and get it shipped over, checked a few places and they wernt willing to send over 5 tubes of the stuff. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated
  2. Im quite a heavy drinker, I go out clubbing 3 or 4 times a week and get pretty drunk most nights, I can go through about 15 bottles plus shots of sambuca in around 5 hours, so my question is does drinking affect acne? I cant remeber back to when I wasnt a big drinker so cannot compare, any suggestions would be appreciated cheers
  3. This is my first post and I stumbled across this forum by mistake, but, It was one of those silver lining ones, I have mild acne but suffer from alot of blackheads I mean alot, chin, nose, forehead cheeks, everywhere, even my sholders (sp?), some people have even called them freckles (although I think they were just taking the ****). Anyway after reading your posts and the support that each member gives to each other Id just like to say that you guys are great for each other and I hope to become