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  1. Well after going on accutane the first time i was very happy with the results. When i first started i had acne on my face and back. My back has totally cleared up and is still clear to this day where as my face did clear, but it has returned lately and i will be going back on accutane in january. My question is am i right in thinking that the first treatment was enough to cure my back only and not my face and that the second treatment will permenantly clear my face becuase it has only one area
  2. Im on 35g a day. Is that good or bad, i weigh about 10.5 stones and im 17.
  3. Went to the derm today (NHS) told him about how acne has kept me down, how i dont go college becuase of flair ups. He then gave me the leaflet and told me and my mum to go read it and come back when we have read it. Read it went back, gave a blood sample and got the drug on the same day! how quality is that! he said if the blood test goes wrong then i will be told to stop the drug. Well my treatment starts tonight. Ill keep you guys upto date. accutane at last o/
  4. 4 mins? you crazy? The First 2 steps have to be on your skin longer then that. Thats why you havent seen improvment. *i think* Well its my 3rd day and im breaking out, i had this period. But i think this may actually work for me.
  5. became reality yesterday. It was absolutely terrible. I was in media studies learning about advertising and there target audience. Then up came the target audience of teenagers. We were asked to talk about an advert which was aimed at teenagers and guess what advert they picked out of millions....Clearasil. Then the teacher went into how the advert shows a teenager who has acne who is low on confidence and embarrased and wont get any girls etc all because of acne. I just sat there with my fac
  6. Well wat the title says.. Day 1. Didnt feel the need to wash my face in college today, i had 4 new cycsts in the morning but no big problems.
  7. My convo with him in yahoo mesanger ac_game: hello ac_game: asl serengil_9: 17m london serengil_9: can you help me? ac_game: Yes I can understand. Trust me the cure is here, its taken work but it all fits together. Acne comes down to two things: Hormonal Balance & Pure Blood and lymph system. But I would like to be honest with you from the outset if we are going to work on this. Its going to need commitment from you for this to work. Therefore because of the help, advice and tips yo
  8. too late, i just ordered my stuff and it all came to bloody £84!! This better bloody work!
  9. Could someone direct me to a site which sells products that can be used for the "acne cure" and also deliver in the UK. It would be very much appreciated. O:)
  10. I only take B5 and its working great so far, only physical change so far is that i dont get the massive cysts and my oil level has dropped so much o/ oh and its only been 6 days.
  11. I tried ketsugo a long time ago and i didnt like it at all, i really hate putting stuff on my face even if it is a spray. I have been on B5 3 days now and i have noticed the oil on my face decrease. I normally have really oily skin but its becoming more less. Ill keep yo posted about how i get on with it.
  12. Iv been on XIAN about two weeks now and i have noticed the difference. Ill be posting some pics on sunday night for you all to see a judge.
  13. Right i am going to get accutane without a derm or a doctor. I know what chance im taking but i really need to get rid of my acne. I hate having an oily face, having people stare at me and having to wash my face so many times in one day. So how much accutane will i need to buy and how much dosage will i have to take a day? Any advice given is really appreciated.