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  1. Accutane is MUCH loved by me, as well. I have never been happier. My Acne went from moderate/heavy at times to, at 2.5 months into a 5 month course, ZERO. I haven't had a new pimple appear in 2 weeks. Ugh - thank you Roche for giving me my life back.
  2. Well, at around 15, I first noticed my "Pilonidal Sinus", which is the opening of a beneath-the-surface cyst, often filled with hair, or various blockages such as cellular debris. It has always remained - sometimes bleeding, but more often than not, just there. Never painful. However, last night, it started draining (bleeding) rather profusely after being aggravated by cleaning and drying (with a towel). This prompted me to research the subject a bit further, and I started learning of the infe
  3. I think it's funny that you are entirely against Accutane, yet you freely entered into use of Minocycline, an antibiotic which will weaken both your own immune system, and the drugs effectiveness should you need to take it for any other reason in the future. On top of that, rather than having a > 80% chance of completely curing your acne, such as Accutane on it's first course, you are taking something that is at best a temporary solution - AT BEST. It does not offer even the remote possibilit
  4. ^ Sorry - miscommunication - I wasn't referring to you. I was referring to Spottiedottie...
  5. Your liver cacking out on Minocycline is COMPLETELY different than Accutane. Accutane is not an antibiotic - and you probably aren't nearly as careful with your liver as I am. I NEVER drink, nor do I have a high sugar or fat intake. My diet is extremely tight, and highly monitored - so I am not too worried. In addition, my blood tests have shown little to no variation.
  6. Well, firstly, she doesn't seem to care, so take comfort in that Secondly, shave with a single or dual bladed razor - III bladed razors are harsher on the skin. Secondly, try using spectrojel sensitive skin wash as a shaving gel - worked wonders for me!
  7. Well, I went in for a Cortisone shot one week ago, and 4 days later, I could feel it again while gently washing my face. Now, 8 days after the shot, the cyst has returned and is nearly original size. THe only difference is its pointier (looks like a head may show soon?) and its less painful. Is this common? Thanks for any advice. I'm considering returning to the derm and asking him what the heck is going on.
  8. Um, I haven't had many problems whatsoever while on it - aside from dry lips, and dry skin here and there. Trust me: if my liver cacks out on me 10 years earlier, I don't give a rats arse. The side effects of losing most of my teenage life, as well as most of my self-esteem, are much worse than the majority of what I've seen on accutane.
  9. This is completely not due to accutane. Random depressive breakdowns happen to everyone, and it usually happens because you aren't dealing properly with the issue of original fracture. You need to revisit what it was that made you depressed, and heal yourself - otherwise it will continue to be a festering pustule beneath the surface in your unconcious.
  10. Yeah; sorry - but it sounds to me like you let social anxieties and various other problems take you down. I don't think this can be blamed exclusively on accutane; there just isn't any proper supporting evidence. My social life has GREATLY improved since I started Accutane a month ago; even though my Acne hasn't particularly improved.
  11. Most of you have no idea about the true nature of these drugs. Ecstasy, if taken in the pure form of MDMA, is hardly dangerous. Furthermore, drugs such as LSD are less dangerous than taking the recommended dose of aspirin for a headache. Quit listening to scare tactic propeganda, and go out and acctually read about these drugs, and learn before you open your mouths on something that you know nothing about. www.erowid.org however, taking E while on Accutane (something that dehydrates you and
  12. Many of you are forgetting one thing: the answer to almost every question is money. It is MUCH, MUCH more profitable to treat the symptoms moderately well than it is to address the solution and do it well all the time. Imagine there was a simple shot that would get rid of acne? There goes a multi-billion dollar industry overnight, not to mention tens of thousands of jobs, and hundreds of millions in tax revenue. Accutane takes care of severe acne, and the rest can suffer with moderate. Tha
  13. In Canada, its 3 dollars per pill for brand name Accutane, without ANY insurance coverage. However, I just got a benefit package, so now I pay 20 dollars per month. Woohoo.
  14. Thanks a lot for the input; much appreciated. I'm really excited to be on Accutane; I hope this is the end of years of misery!
  15. Well, I started my Accutane today (Finally), and I'm really looking forward to seeing the results. This has been a really hard decision for me; I've been debating Accutane for the past year at least, and many years before that I had given it some thought - but discarded it based on a fear of side effects. However, I've since realized that the side effects of not trying it are much, much worse. Anyways; I have a question. In the pamphlet, it says to contact your doctor if you plan on engaging i