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  1. Hi Matthew, I'll be 45 in a few weeks, and yes, definitely as we age our scars look worse because of loss of collagen. One thing that has helped me has been Hydroquinone 2%. It seems to really make the scars look less noticable and makes me look much younger because it helps fade spots and brightens the skin. This is the same active ingredient that is in University Medicals Scar Fade kit that has been talked about alot on this board, but I just bought a cheap knock off brand at Walgreens.
  2. TJ101 The one I had done was free. My doctor told me to try it on one and if I liked I could come back for more. When I asked for a quote on the full face subcision w/micro injections he said about $3,000. I know that subcision alone does not cost anywhere near that much. I am interested in knowing what other people paid too. The thing about subcision is that initially you may be dissapointed because it takes awhile for the collagen to grow. I know I was initially not impressed with the
  3. Hi, I had subcision done on just one scar. The results were very good (about 50%). I also had dermabrasion done (prior to the subcision by a different doctor). For me the subcision was much more effective than dermabrasion, because my scars are rather deep. If you have it done, keep in mind that you will not see the results for at least two months - mine took about six months before I really noticed the improvement. I'd like to have it done on my other scars when I can afford it. My doctor
  4. Hi Noona, I haven't been able to find any pictures. Would you be so kind as to post a before / after photo? Also how much it will cost? Thank you.
  5. Hello, I have been using hydroquinone during the day and tretinoin/salicylic at night for a few weeks now and my skin really has responded well to this technique. I don't think I would use the wart remover -you need to be careful of toxicity issues. Here is a link to a great article on retinoids, acids and other methods of skin rejuvination that talks about this method (tretinoin/acids). Good luck to you! http://janssenbeauty.com/us/skincare.html#4
  6. Hi, I have read on this board that if the scar dissapears when you stretch it, it is not bound down. Do yours dissapear when you stretch them?
  7. Be careful with dermabrasion. I had it done 6 years ago and it didn't do anything for my scars and even made some worse. I had it done by a plastic surgeon. Afterward I was told that sometimes dermabrasion will make scars look worse because underneath the first layer of skin the scar is wider, so removing that layer just reveals the wider scar. I would suggest you look into excision and subcision first. These are cheaper, less invasive procedures and for me I got much better results from th
  8. Hello JL7, I just wanted to say that I applaud you. I am 44, have rosacea now and lots of acne scarring from my teens. We recently sold a property and came into some money. My husband has been spending it very quickly on boats, jet ski's, etc. He also spent $25,000 on cosmetic dental work. I told him I wanted to have some procedures done to improve my scars and he said "why bother at your age?". He has some scars too but his aren't bad and don't bother him so he doesn't understand why min
  9. I am glad this subject has come up. I visited my doc a few months ago to talk about subscision and a feather lift. He suggested silicone micro injections instead for both my scars and some wrinkles. He said I should have subscision first to create a pocket for the injections. The cost for the whole thing would be about 3,000. He wasn't pushy at all and said to start with the subscision, heal for a few months and then decide how to proceed. He didn't even charge me for the consult, which is
  10. Hi Meka, Try calling back and ask to talk to the nurse in dermatology. Then explain to the nurse your situation and see if they can fit you in. Tell her that your acne has become inflamed and that you are worried about scarring. I live in Wisconsin and the derms are all booked 2-3 months out, but if I ask to talk to a nurse I can usually get in. Note-this is not something you want to do all the time, but they do understand that sometimes you can't wait months to get in. You should not have
  11. Welcome! Everyone here is really nice and you will get a great deal of information from this board. I personally think you get more info here than from the dermatologist. I wish I would have done some research on this board before I plunged into some expensive procedures that did more harm than good. I also wanted to say that you are definitely not alone in being scared to talk to people (even doctors) about your scars. I went to a derm appointment about a week ago and I was shaking like a
  12. I am interested also in knowing if anyone has had this done. Last week my derm suggested subcision followed by micro droplets of silicone. Is this something new? He said it was recently approved by the FDA. In searching the FDA website I did find one letter from 1992 - http://www.fda.gov/bbs/topics/NEWS/NEW00267.htmlr regarding this, but couldn't find anything else. The prospect of having something permanent injected is a little scary.
  13. I went to my dermatologist last week to talk about subcision. He suggested doing the subcision, and then two months later doing micro droplets of silicone filler. Has anyone heard of this? He said it was recently approved by the FDA. When I searched the FDA sight all I could find was an order from the FDA to some dermatologists from 1992 telling them to stop using it because it was not approved for cosmetic purposes. My derm said it was the same stuff that is used to fill an eyeball that ha
  14. It sounds like the early stages of rosacea to me. You should see a dermatologist to confirm and begin treatment. I have rosacea and it started when I was in my 20's (I'm in my forties now). It wasn't diagnosed until I was about 36, because I was actually in denial that I had it. All I have is the redness, not the acne, and it comes and goes with overheating, drinking wine and eating spicy food. It will progress if you do not get it treated. Check out this website - www.drnase.com. I found
  15. It's called Super Cop 2x - it's by Skin Biology. In a few weeks I am having subscision and will continue to use the Super Cop afterward. It is supposed to help build collagen and maybe with the help of subscision I will get better results. We'll see! http://www.skinbio.com/usingsrcps.html