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  1. How is this item packaged when it is shipped... Like is it discrete or does it say acne.org or something similar on the packaging??
  2. Have a look... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADgslykci2U
  3. Seems like it had has good effects for most people... gunna give it a try and see how it goes... has anyone else tried this?? http://www.acne.org/lemon-juice-applied-to...s/73/page1.html
  4. Yes... but mine isnt better on one day of the week compared to another... its just some weeks bad and some weeks better... so during the bad weeks i just lock my self in my house... ive missed uni all this week because of a bad breakout and will not be going out this weekend... it sucks it really does but im just so ashamed... I hate to plan things in advance due to the fact i dont know what my skin will be like... if it turns out to be bad i just end up making up excuses and cancelling...
  5. Just wondering.... I know it is said that accutane causes depression.. and i admit i experienced it immensly while on accutane, (but this may just be due to the acne).. i went on it when i was 17 and was on it for about 9 months... It cleared my skin up fairly well although i still get acne.. im now 20.. In relation to the depression does anyone know if the depression caused by accutane is meant to only last while still on the drug or is it like an irreversible effect that will continue throu
  6. yer me to i get weird paptule things with no head in this area.... I don't shave this area because it will make the hair come back thicker and would look odd having dark/thick hair up that high... I do think it would probably help the acne though
  7. A teacher walked upto me and goes "oh it looks like your having a tough time with that skin problem... you know you should see a doctor they can clear it up really quick." Yer right i was on accutane and had been for over 6 months I just told him i didnt care about it so i didnt need to goto a doctor Then he goes oh you really should you will be thankful for it later i was so so furious how the fuk would he know and obviously he didnt. And also the fact he just said it in the school ground
  8. Yes saltwater i believe is one of the best things for your skin. I live in Australia a few minutes from the beach and i make sure i got a minimum of 5 times a week in Summer. My skin stays perfect all Summer, we are just getting into winter now and it has finally become to cold to swim at the beach in the last few weeks. Since I have stopped going to the beach my skin has turned to shit..
  9. Do you think scars are worse for men or women. I Definately think men because if ur a chick atleast u can wear makeup
  10. So are you saying it could work but just not as well?
  11. No it may not be as efficient but it would still work as a wheel
  12. maybe your right that is the best way out of this shit
  13. I was being serious......... its the concept as dermabrasion
  14. But why wouldnt it work, wouldnt it smooth out the skin then be replaced with new skin