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  1. darn really,? cus its the last lotion i have and cant get to the store anytime soon
  2. i have this clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion, on the back it says step 3 100% fragrance free, would this be safe?
  3. would onesource for teens cause acne or interfere with the regimen?
  4. is this good? its a facial cleanser it also said it has acne medicine, but it has no ingrediant list hmm. should i use it or?
  5. kk cool i hope this moisturizer works out great for me
  6. but it wont clog my pores right?
  7. will this cause me to break out, is it any good?
  8. sweet temptation victorias secret garden it has minerol oil other oils and a bunch of extract and alchohol is this ok to use on face? if it isnt what kind of moisturiser should i use that i can find at a local walmart?
  9. ah this is getting me irratated, will it still work? how would i apply it now
  10. so instead of my finger just put it on my palm?, but i cant even grab it with my other finger to put it on my face -_-
  11. i cant put the bp gel on because when i put dans bp gel on my fingers it slips off =( whats wrong with it?
  12. kk cool thx but it burns after i cleanser?
  13. it never really got like this but, my face is puffy and red anyone know why?
  14. shipping is great, ordered wednesday night got the package saturday morning
  15. thx a lot guys, i cant wait to be acne free!
  16. kk i just ordered priority couple of hours ago, how long does it usually take to process everything and get confirmation?
  17. if i run out of on the spot can i use neutrogenas advanced solutions overnight acne its 2.5% also with the regimen?