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  1. darn really,? cus its the last lotion i have and cant get to the store anytime soon
  2. i have this clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion, on the back it says step 3 100% fragrance free, would this be safe?
  3. would onesource for teens cause acne or interfere with the regimen?
  4. is this good? its a facial cleanser it also said it has acne medicine, but it has no ingrediant list hmm. should i use it or?
  5. kk cool i hope this moisturizer works out great for me
  6. but it wont clog my pores right?
  7. will this cause me to break out, is it any good?
  8. sweet temptation victorias secret garden it has minerol oil other oils and a bunch of extract and alchohol is this ok to use on face? if it isnt what kind of moisturiser should i use that i can find at a local walmart?