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  1. those products work like make-up it is like powder in a liquid form when water evaporates, powder fill up the pores and makes them look smaller. it is no cure whatsoever no way they'll get smaller! needling is really shitty procedure it does nothing but dig holes to yiur skin and make things worse. i wish someone have warned me too!
  2. i really scarred after i did the f.uc.k.i.n.g self-needleng thing!! i cant believe how i could have been so stupid!
  3. has anyone tried diamond dermabrasion? would it help for indented scarring and enlarged pores?
  4. You should be banned for talking like that about suicide. ←
  5. why are you calling me nasty???do you know me personaly? i am contemplating suicide since that situation i put myself in - damaging my face with my own hands - that i wanted to know what that guy who is contemplating suicide is planning to do. it was just a "technical" suicide method question, i wasnt being sarcastic or ironic. dont you all see? there is no way to get rid of scars once the dermis is damaged there is no way to bring your old skin back. only very superficial scarring maybe can be
  6. I dont think I have penetrated deep,I only have little scab head on top of my white lumpy scars so that definitely has not penetrated into the dermis,I have another area pretty large but It looks more like a nasty sarpe you get when you graze yourself if you fall off your bike.Iam just lashing the aloe Vera Gel on it to keep it moist 24/7 and alsovitamin E and rosehip oil.I think I may have panicked,I think,Iam justhoping itturns out ok,And By The way Yes I have learned from this BigTime ←