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  1. Hey, Ive been on the regimen a long time now and has been pretty succesful. Great on the forehead and OK on cheeks although they are breaking out a little right now- guess I need more BP? Anyhow I am feeling great about no spots but still the red marks are there and they seem to have been there for ages and ages. Is there ANYTHING I can do, apply etc to get rid of them? I mean what do people use alongside the regimen and does it work, how long does it take to fade them? I know this is such a
  2. I have some 99.9% aloe vera gel and since the regimen isnt working brilliantly for me I am going to start using this instead of a moisturiser to see what happens........
  3. Hey I was just wondering how much accutane costs over here in the UK? I mean Im over 18 so pay for prescriptions which are like £6 a time so do you have to keep getting new prescriptions or get everything at the start? Just wondering if anyone can help........
  4. Hey, When people first started the regimen did you get the initial breakout and how long did it last for? I know everyone is different but I am on week 4 and still breaking out and was wondering what it was like for everyone else Thanks.
  5. I dont use a moisturiser at night on the regimen and was wondering if this will have any effect on the results? I am on week 4 and still breaking out at the moment.........
  6. OK I have seen a few posts regarding chilled BP and a ltitle something on applying Ice and was hoping for some more info? Basically just what to do and how/why it works? Thanks for any help you can give.......
  7. Ok about time for another update I guess....... Well most of the small spots have gone now thankfully although I have a few average zits about. My forehead has cleared pretty much but strangely my cheeks which werent as bad are a little worse but maybe thats still the initial breakout phase. Right now at 11.43pm my face is fine in almost any mirror but I know that in 12 hours in a lot it wont be as good because of those damn red marks! Its easy to think if I can just keep clear then they w
  8. Do guys in here use make-up at all to cover spots or red marks? I mean I wouldnt have a clue what to buy or what to do! I am on the regimen and have a few spots but mainly red marks which dont show up in the evening but during the day can show up in certain lights. I was going to start on the neutrogena multi-vit to try and help them on their way out but is there anything simple I could use to hide them which I could easily incorporate in the regimen?
  9. Yeah I tan pretty easy but use 4% as its the best BP I can find over here in the UK. Shouldnt make too much of a difference hopefully- I havent been out in the sun too much but I guess ill catch a few rays soon and hope it doesnt affect anything too much
  10. Hello, Just wondering if anyone is on the regimen and also able to keep a tan? I ask because I started a couple of weeks back and am obviously going through the redness now. Beforehand I was quite tanned and was wondering with all the topics about sun and everything if it is possible to still get a tan while on the regime? Will it come as the redness subsides? I mean BP doesnt mean you cannot go in the sun does it? With a strong sun lotion will I still be able to get my old tan back from the su
  11. Day 8 Ok its 10.38 pm and just finished work so thought Id update this for anyone whos interested if there actually is anyone?! :-s Anyhow I was right and the small spots did bloom but they went very quickly which was nice. I had a few on the right side of my face which have now gone and a few still to go on the left. The nice thing is that where these spots have gone the skin looks very smooth and there are no new pimples forming which is obviously very nice. Hopefully these alst few
  12. Day 6 Man, did I speak too soon or what?! Today I find quite a few spots forming which will no doubt bloom into bigger ones in the next day or two I know there can be an initial breakout its still so disheartening especially as the regime cannot guarantee success afterwards. I can think the only reason is that this morning I was in such a rush I could only wash and moisturise and hence no BP, or maybe like I said it is just the initial breakout. Either way I know that tomorrow Im going t
  13. Hey again....... Well like I said before I had a pretty bad breakout but in a strange way I was pleased! Because it was worse than I have had for ages I guessed the BP must be doing the trick and this was the initial breakout followed by great results :D/ lol, so I hope anyway. Most these spots are going now pretty quickly and the skin looks better already as a whole Id say. During the day it is quite shiny with the moisturiser but nothing too bad and at night I only use the BP and it lo
  14. OK then, I thought I may as well keep a log of my time on the regimen to help others and hopefully myself if others can respond to any of my posts so heres hoping for a success! Im in UK and using Dove cleansing bar, Brevoxyl BP lotion and Simple moisturiser in the mornings. So far after 3 days my acne is a lot worse but Im really hoping thats meant to happen as its on the 'what to expect' although I hoped I would be looking more at the 'mild' list as opposed to the 'moderate'. So thats pr
  15. Thats all- it just makes you more sensitive?