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  1. One more question! I workout everyday after work so I have to shower everyday. Will water be enough to cleanse my face before applying the toner or should I get a natural cleanser?
  2. I'm anxious to try this but just a few questions. I read in another thread that green tea doesn't absorb in the skin by itself. Nor will the addition on the sea salt. Is this ok? I mean, will it just be sitting on the surface of my skin? As far as moisturizing goes, I'm on the regimen right now and going to go cold turkey for this, will my skin be super dry? Should I find a moisturizer or will my skin be fine? I have loads of redness and scars, just looking for a more natural solution.
  3. I guess it would be best to rephrase. My acne has subsided and when I say that, I mean I haven't broken out. I haven't changed my diet nor any other aspect. I learned early, that if you were going to truly test anything, it would have to be step by step. Before I started sleeping regularly, I would probably still have gotten 7-8 hours of sleep. 2-10, 4-12 etc. Since I've been going to bed at 12pm or earlier, I wake up every morning like clock work. My face isn't near as oily as it used to be
  4. Like most people here, I've been plagued with acne for majority of my life. I am now 21 years old and most days I haven't ventured of the house because of it. Let me make a point to say, I've tried everything. Accutane, Cline's, Proactiv or any OTC I've read here. The one thing I could never figure out is why I still breaked out. I looked at my friends and realized something everything seemed to do more than I did. Sleep. Now, most people here will tell me they have 6 hours of sleep a night/da
  5. Tomorrow I was planning on trying Epsom Salt. I have been for the most part, using just water and a light moisturizer for the better part of the year with good success. I had a little breakout recently and was wondering if this would clear red marks and small pimples, or would it be too irritating on the face? Also! Would I be better off with Sea Salt rather than Epsom?
  6. So I bought one from pefectcomplextion and applied it three times over two days and now my right side is mildly peeling. I don't know if I should just let it peel or tomorrow start moisturizing it? help.
  7. wow, thanks a lot for the detailed response and yeah, I am no longer plagued by red marks, now fighting scarring. i'm going to overnight the complex and try it and thanks for all the words of wisdom.
  8. I want to get my first TCA under wraps before this week ends since school starts the 7th. Few questions. I'm only going to do a few scars but will my scars be seriously red after? Also where do people prefer to get their TCA complex from? Finally, should I just get the complex and aquifer or more?
  9. I think it's very important. It's just like hiring someone who has never worked a computer versus someone who has. A doctor should know what areas to treat and how to treat your face. They should have had ample experience in procedures and provide pictures to show you. I found that very revealing to me, if a doctor took pre-pictures of me and actually showed me results instead of just telling me they were there. Most of all, someone you feel comfortable with. Fact is, if you're going to do somet
  10. I don't know why your derm thinks Retin-A would mess you up, if anything, you've built up a tolerance for it and would probably do more good than bad. I use http://www.walgreens.com/store/product.jsp...p;id=prod351435 It might seem drying but is really the "gentle" beast of the bunch. As for red marks. When I got off tane, I started a year battle with these buggers. I still have them but I've gotten smarter about what to do. I recently started using Bio Oil, which is pretty amazing. My red ma
  11. I used it twice a day. I find it to be mild enough to where it didn't irritate my skin. Since it has Glycolic in it, it's actually prepping your face for any facial peels you do. I find it better to introduce your face "slowly" to a product and when you're doing something with more strength "Peel" it will be more effective. I believe it's safe to use after a peel, just be sure not to rub it in too hard. That goes for any cleanser. If you have moderate-severe acne, then Glycolic i
  12. I believe its that we get spots in the "same" spots which cause that spot to take longer to heal. At least for me, I always thought my red marks were taking long to fade, but once I reduced my spots, areas seem to fade better.
  13. Cold Water generally closes pores. I shave with warm water (open pores) and then rinse off my face with cold water (closes pores). If you ever wonder why your face seems tighter after swimming in a pool, there's your answer. If you're on tane, please stick to one regimen. Tane really effects so many different things in your body, you should keep consistent about what you do. I would honestly use Dan's or just a mild cleanser (cetaphil) and moisturizer.
  14. What type of scars did you have? I've heard the Merdema stops collegen production? That it is more used for raised scars than indented.