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  1. can you bye CP in any stores or online online??
  2. Chris123


    Where can I get copper peptide???
  3. I just picked up some Mederma becuase I have a couple small superficial marks on my right cheek. Has anyone had any sucess with this in the past and does it make you break out?
  4. ya sorry, I didnt know it was going to post a whole new topic I thought I was just replying to an earlier post. But anyways the Mint Julp mask is great I recomend it
  5. I agree, this mask is great. I for some reason or another broke out on my right cheek with like 3 or 4 zits and I used this mask once on friday for 15 mintues, then slept with it on over night and it really dried out my zits and shrunk them a ton and today they are pretty much gone. Good product I recomend it.
  6. How often do those of you who use this use this product? I mean everyday? twice a week?
  7. My problem is mainly my right check. For some reason the right side of my face seems to be where 90% of my breakouts occur. For example, I was perfectly clear for about 3 months and then all of a sudden about 3 weeks ago I started to flear up again on my right check and it really sucks. Its not that bad only like 4 zits. Onother thing is if I get zits anywere else on my face they heal very quickly and dont leave red marks, however any zit that I get on my righ check leaves red marks that tak
  8. Sorry for asking again, but I can't dind Eucerin Renewal in stores in my area. We dont have a Rite Aid or an Eckards in Phoenix so if someone can tell me were else can get it? Like Walgreens, Osco, ETC
  9. I have never heard of those places? I live in Phoenix, so im sure it has to be around somewhere?
  10. I cant seem to find the Eucerin Renewal can someone please tell me what store they purchased it at? I have been to Wallgreens, safeway, and target and no luck
  11. K well I just went to the store and got Eucerin Lotion but im not sure if its the right stuff. Its called Eucerin dry skin therapy plus intensive repair lotion with alpha hydroxy to exfoliate very dry skin. The only thing is I dont have very dry skin is this the right stuff for me should I try it you all seem to like it? Plus on the back it doesnt say anything about lactic acid. It does say it contains castor oil which doesnt sound very good. Could someone please let me know if this is the
  12. Where can I get Eucerin AHA lotion with Lactic Acid? Is it sold in Stores if so which ones? thanks