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  1. I've come to realise that some people genetically struggle with detoxification, so break out due to environmental stress, internal stress etc. and any free radicals generally. Would take a supplement derived from non-synthetic materials (i.e. Garden of Life) and up veggies for anti-oxidant intake!
  2. Oh no! You must be super sensitive to sugar. What a shame as fruits are so high in antioxidants for fighting oxidation that causes acne; it is the oxidation of the squalene on the skin that starts off the chain reaction. I actually found that with Differin I need to eat something like chocolate to trigger a breakout now; it raised my tolerance for foods massively! I recently started making green soup and it made my skin look amazing! (Bag of frozen broccoli, whole head of kale, load of spinach,
  3. Hi, I don't think the problem is the fruit, but the amount you were consuming to reach 1000 calories in just one smoothie? I take a large handful of berries, 2 bananas and maybe an orange a day and my skin is the best it's been in a long time (I assume from the anti-oxidants - I upped my veg intake massively too). I think to aim for quality over quantity - berries have the highest antioxidant level so maybe intake those? Additionally, blending fruit damages the fibre in it, causing th
  4. It's worth bearing in mind though that some people lack the gene to convert beta-c into retinol!
  5. Sometimes I have to be grateful for my acne, because if I pack my diet full of antioxidants and cut out sugar and coffee it clears up. That means I'm motivated to keep pumping my body full of nutrition, whilst people drinking Pepsi and eating processed meats are poisoning theirs!
  6. I agree, I found no connection between fluoride and my acne. A similar story to the poster above, except I had the worst acne in Asia (due to air pollution and environmental stress) when I wasn't consuming any fluoride, including switching toothpaste. Now I cannot avoid consuming loads and my skin is clear.
  7. I've started using SunSense since the one I recommended above started burning my eyes!
  8. I get it from online pharmacies, as it's OTC but pharmacist needs to authorise.
  9. I've also had massive success with Differin and it's kept my skin clear! The first thing to work long-term, ever!
  10. Hi, Have you tried Differin? I had persistent low-grade acne and it has completely gone after 20 years of dealing with it! I'd tried all sorts before. I also find that BP is too drying and doesn't let my skin heal, so I only use to spot treat in the rare instance of a hormonal spot. I have just started using doublebase as a moisturiser also and it's perfect!
  11. I also got and stayed clear after 18 years of acne by using Differin! My skin became increasingly clear and after 3 months no spots at all. I am saving a fortune in products as only use a gentle face wash now and occasional moisturiser!
  12. Before and after pics. The before picture is obvious, the third picture is 2 weeks after focusing on diet and the middle picture (taken in different light) is after the topicals for 1.5 months. No make-up in any.
  13. Good tip! I thought the Skinoren was a gel also? I know that Finacea is not licenced for acne, but Skinoren is. Will do more research. Thank you for the info, it's super helpful! The study was actually on Finacea I believe.