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  1. Hi All, Was getting really fed up with having a super strict diet and having to quit coffee to maintain clear skin and keep down inflammation... I picked up some strong, good quality probotics and haven't had any spots since (even drinking coffee and having small amounts of dairy!) It's been two weeks; in combination with re-starting lactic acid at night for exfoliation, my skin has totally recovered and scars are fading. I haven't changed anything else in my routine, except being less
  2. Hi, Oily skin is often dry skin... when you strip your skin of oils, it produces more to compensate. I would suggest trying Facetheory's acne-friendly moisturiser; it made a big difference to my skin! The effects of Doxy will likely have worn off now. As they are an antibiotic, they wipe out your gut bacteria (the good ones too!) so your body will be off-balance. Would suggest taking probiotics and avoid taking doxy again... it's a very short-term measure with a long-term negative impa
  3. I find them safe to eat. If anything the phytic acid would only mildly prevent some nutrient absorption, but if you don't have stomach pain when eating then your body digests it fine. They are low GI, increased consumption is linked to longevity and are a good source of protein and some vitamins/minerals.
  4. I've been eating healthily for a while now (and avoiding refined carbs, sugar, and dairy), but would sometimes still get the odd cystic spot or old spots would become re-inflamed again. It was really frustrating as I am so careful about food. However, I finally pinpointed it to coffee, with a really clear dose-dependent relationship. On the days I had over 200mg of caffeine my face was very inflamed by the evening. As soon as I quit coffee my skin calmed down massively and cleared up. After
  5. I quit coffee and my skin started clearing up straight away. When it was clear and I started having small amounts again, I got cystic acne back again. Having been a daily coffee drinker for many years, this is a huge finding!
  6. I have had to reluctantly stop consuming whole grains as they are a nutrient inhibitor. Have noticed that the more foods I eat with grains, then worse my acne. I wouldn't worry about sweet potatoes. Communities with zero acne eat tons of them as the main staple of calories! They are full of beta-carotene. For some people fats (like oil) seem to cause them issues. I think that acne is quite a generic symptom (like headaches) that can have many triggers, so best to cut back / out on grains a
  7. Hello, Unfortunately I’ve found the same. When I first bought the above feeling solution it seemed to work wonders and gives baby soft skin. Recently, whenever I use it I get really painful acne pop up afterwards. I think it is due to stripping the skin and exposing it to aggravating elements (sun, air pollution). I’ve even found that weaker acids that used to work on my skin now dry it out and strip it so have had to stop completely. For me, topical antioxidants are the most powerful in cl
  8. I disagree, would avoid anti-biotics as they are not very effective for acne these days, will only clear up skin whilst on them if lucky, but then ruin your gut bacteria for years afterwards causing worse acne! Predisposition to acne is obviously genetic and influenced by hormones, but there are also many factors that can affect acne through altering hormone levels or reducing antioxidants, of which diet is only one. In my best guess it could also be: * Environmental Stress (including
  9. It only works as an anti-inflammatory, so it just calms the redness of pimples. It won’t stop them from appearing the the first place, but will help them to not get angry. I wouldn’t bother with a supplement; would take strong fresh ginger and the more the better. Cannot be taken during pregnancy as it’s quite a powerful relaxant on the body.
  10. I’d add that whilst it works effectively it depletes the antioxidants in the skin so you have to keep using it and I found that it also prevents skin from healing.
  11. EltaMD sunblock and Facetheory Oil free moisturiser. The latter is amazing!
  12. Yes, unfortunately so. Recent double-blind studies have shown that even 99% dark chocolate causes an increase in number and inflammation of acne lesions in males with acne, so it’s not just the sugar and dairy in milk chocolate :( (You can search these on Google Scholar)
  13. Hi, just wanted to comment as this sounds like I could have written it! i’ve posted here before about clearing up my acne with daily green smoothies, but am not able to make them where I live so my story has been similar to yours above. I actually stumbled on the cause of my current acne recently. Couldn’t clear it up with healthy lifestyle, then started taking 10,000IU vitamin A for the first time in my life and my acne disappeared literally overnight and hasn’t come back (yet). I don
  14. Yep, one lemon contains half the RDA of Vitamin C so two lemons will cover you (or broccoli for example).
  15. Definitely speak to a doctor and stop taking the vitamins immediately until after. It is dangerous to take more than 10,000IU a day of Vitamin A long-term; in animal form especially. You should also keep zinc under 30mg for long-term use. Check journal articles for these. Please read up on forms of vitamins and safety before self-supplementing, as taking individual vitamins can also cause or mask deficiencies in others.