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  1. LOL Not even close to a hippie, I play piano. The music I listen to and the music I play are entirely unrelated. Acoustic guitar? Sweet, I always wanted to learn ;)

  2. I'm a musician by trade, and you?

  3. Yeah I'm really in depth ;)

  4. How is life in the Netherlands? What do Netherland girls do for fun? =)

  5. Legend? Well I've never heard of you ;)

  6. Well I bet I could totally kick your behind at Bingo ;)

  7. Off The Grid


    My accutane journey
  8. Okay then, tell me: what else can you do? ;)

  9. I never knew you could ski at 99, I'm highly impressed. ;)

  10. I stopped my accutane course early because my right joint in my knee is extremely sore and bothersome. I'm pretty sure its accutane induced because the pain came out of nowhere and its been hurting for 3 weeks. Anyways, my face has a lot of red marks and I was wondering what are good moisterizers/creams that may fade red marks quicker? Accutane was hell for 4.5 months... I'm so glad I'm off.
  11. From what I've heard and know, the doctor should start you out on a lower dose and then if you're not responding well to the low dose then they will increase your dosage 20-40 mg.
  12. Smoke a few bowls of some dank and you wont be able to stop eating. Smoke 4-5 times a day... problem solved.
  13. I hope your clear skin continues and your acne troubles are over. I finish my 6 month course in 2 weeks... I cant wait. I hate being on accutane.
  14. Or you could just take your accutane, grow some balls, and deal with it.