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  1. I can see you did not read the my last reply correctly, One in regarding Exhibit_N posting a false topic Two positively_negative with the lame April fools, It's so kid like. Read posting completey before posting your reply.
  2. Exhibit_N The joke on you as you just proved how you posted a fake topic showing no one should believe what you post. There's no place here for lame person like you that lies on the message boards. positively_negative Grow Up April fools is so old it's completely stupid
  3. At last Proactiv gets what they really deserve, That's if this poster is really telling the truth or is just trying to stir up the broads with a made up topic. Where did you see this story posted on the Internet? I ran a search via Google and noting came up about a recent lawsuit about Puff Daddy & Proactiv from a real news provider or source that can be trusted for truthful reports. So do you have any proof to back up your story? From a Real news source such as CNN, Fox News, New York T
  4. How does spending as little as $20 dollars every 2-3 months sound? I'm not talking about Clear Skin or any of these other Proactiv copycats. I'm suggesting trying Dan's Clear Skin Regimen. It is a easy 3 step program just like Proactiv but it shows you ways to get around most of Proactiv products. For More Information about Dan's Clear Skin Regimen check it out Here!! Good luck with Proactiv as It made me unhappy after about 2 years of using it. From how well it stop working to the high c
  5. It's a balm like yellow paste. After using it last night on my face I was almost shocked at the results from one use this morning. Most are my redness on the right side of my face has faded away that it's almost gone. I still have some redness on the left side but I'm hoping for the best within a week as I'm only going to apply it to my face as a nightly step for the next 2 weeks so my skin can get use to this product before I try it out day & night until all the redness is gone. I al
  6. Have you tried using Dan's Clear Skin Regimen yet? His regimen contains all the steps products Proactiv uses excluding toner but for a lot less money & pain. I been using Dan's suggested skincare regimen tweaked a bit with the past 6 months and it has done wonders to my skin. Thanks to the great help from the message boards that helped me out on almost any problems that came up that other users had as well. Again compared to Proactiv poor back customer support which only suggest to y
  7. After I read up on Proactiv in the 90's I was caught up into their club the same way many others were. By Proactiv Paid celebrities comments.. Like all teens they will think if celebrities use it then I will have skin just like him/her. Quick wake up call to all you teenagers, Stop falling for all these PAID celebrities comments on these ads such as Proactiv. If it was so true way do you think the original spokeswoman from the sitcom "Who's The Boss" stopped appearing on these Proactiv paid ad
  8. I have started using Palmer's Cocoa Butter w/ Vitamin E formula with my nightly regimen after someone suggested it to me to heal redness marks on my face that don't want to go away. It's not acne as all the acne like bumps are gone after using Dan's regimen for the past 6 months. My problem with the cocoa butter is that is seen to get really greasily after I start rubbing it lightly onto my face. Does any current cocoa butter users have any advise on preventing this product from becoming grea
  9. Click This Link For More Information On the Right Regimen for you from Dan Regimen
  10. 25 here, Sometimes I think I'm still a teenager as I'm still dealing with teen problems such as our common problem in here known as acne. We need a cure for this acne problem sometime before 2020
  11. I just would like to thanks everyone for their input on this problem I'm still having with redness & skin complexion on my face. I took everyone advise on discontinuing use of a scrub for the next month to see if I notice any changes in the amount of redness on my face. Regimen Update I started using a older product I used with the regimen again as a mask as it seems to be refreshing my skin/pores. The name of this product is Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleaner/Mask. In regards to using Moistur
  12. I'm mostly trying to put a end to having a oily face after applying Eucerin Skin Renewal Moisturizer. So I dropped it down to using it once a night rather then applying it in the morning when my face can be seen all day as a oily mess. What would you suggest to use for a Ance Spot Treatment if you think Murad a bad idea? I need some kind of Ance Spot Treatment to stop any ance that starts to to form on my face even with Dan's regimen.
  13. Six Months into Dan's Acne Regimen Program It's been a long 6 months since I started using Dan�€™s regimen with good & bad results, I happen find out about Dan Regimen site last year after going on a hunt for a more affordable skin care program compared to Proactive & Murad. As I am somewhat pleased with the results I have been getting from this regimen I still have some minor acne from time to time along with some roughness & redness showing in my skin complexi
  14. Mug shots 6 month After