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  1. They now sell it under a different name!

    This is both me and my mom's favorite cream. The PH balance is perfect for acne prone skin. It helps your skin remain soft under treatment with BP, and also reduces scars overtime. I just wanted to let everyone know that Walgreens no longer sells it under this label but instead sells it under their "Studio 35 Beauty - Alpha Hydroxy Face Cream" label (which is a walgreens brand). I use this AHA cream in 2 different ways. Option 1 AHA cream at night Dan's
  2. Which two colors do you mix to get the Sweet Almond shade? I'm a perfect match to Sweet Almond but I can not for the life of me find out which two shades were used to make the Sweet Almond. Thanks!
  3. This sucks majorly, but the custom kits are gone and prices for the same amount of product that they offered in the custom kits have doubled (12 foundations = $144). I think they do some sort of wierd discount program if you order more than a certain amount, either ways yikes. Looks like it's time for me to move on and find another brand.
  4. UGH! I typed up a super long response and the stupid browser closed, so I lost everything. That is so freaking infuriating. I'll try and remember what I wrote. There are so many responses to this post and many things have already been said/suggested. I refuse to believe, and DO NOT believe that nice people finish last. My current relationship consists of two very nice people, and we do just fine. I'm in my 20's and have only ever dated and subsequently been in two serious relationships, one of
  5. I put A LOT of moisturizer on, more than the amount Dan recommends. I put 3-4 pumps of moisturizer on my face once my BP is fully dry. I was wondering if this amount of moisturizer cancels out the affect of BP? I don't think it does. I always perform a deep moisturizing mask (3-4 pumps of moisturizer) on my face at night and sleep through the night waking up to supple non-flaky skin after washing my face (surprisingly!). I was wondering if this amount of moisturizer may possibly lessen the effe
  6. Sorry about all that. You're a wonderful and beautiful person, keep your spirits up. In my personal experience I have never met a man I thought was worth having a serious relationship with at a bar. This is my personal experience here. The bar-scene is just soooo.. on some levels, superficial to me. Have you tried looking to find men in other social gatherings? What about church? Or a classroom? Maybe some sort of non-profit organization where there are men who are dedicated to a cause... men w
  7. I understand what these other posters are saying about the whole 'natural beauty' meaning 'non cakey' look. I get that. There are guys who prefer makeup to 'enhance' what you already have. They prefer to not notice that a woman is wearing makeup (even if she is) as opposed to noticing a woman's makeup before you notice the woman. Make sense? In that way, I visually understand what he's talking about... I'm a makeup fanatic, I like the artistic side of makeup and I also like the natural side of m
  8. Try not to let it get to you. I started getting cystic acne when I was 20 years old too, before that it was only moderate to mild acne but somehow my whole face exploded like crazy in huge lumps during college. So embarrassing... I've managed to control it through a strict diet and skincare regimen. However, since then every major or stressful event in my life has caused huge cystic breakouts. I'm actually going through one right now and I work as a sales associate in a major brand apparel sto
  9. I have started using AHA, not Dan's though, but I have also had great results with it. My first AHA was a Paula Begoune product, which I didn't like much. However, I've managed to find an AHA brand at my local convenient store which is doing wonders for me. Love it, probably the best discovery for my skin. Once I manage to make some money, I really want to try Dan's AHA.
  10. Yeah, I use AHA too. It's great for fading those hyper-pigmented scars.
  11. I wear AHA out in the sun regularly, but I always wear broad spectrum UVA & UVB 50 SPF sun protection for my day-to-day adventures. However, if I'm going to the beach or hanging at a huge outdoor event I bring out the broad spectrum UVA & UVB 70-80 SPF mofo for the heavy artillery along with a pair of designer sun glasses =) My favorite brand is Neutrogena's SPORT line, the product smells like watermelon to me (especially the spray-can one). I haven't gotten a 'tan' or anything using B
  12. I have family members who are in the medical profession that prescribed me some antibiotics to combat my acne, which I must say never worked. That's about my only experience with antibiotics. As for being discouraged, don't be discouraged. Life's a bumpy road all around, don't give up. It's difficult with the setbacks, but once your skin starts clearing up you'll begin to find it easier to stick with the regimen (this is true of many people). It takes a while for your skin to start clearing, bu
  13. I'm going to have to agree with the original poster and wingedfrog. I am also a college student and bleeding money to put it 'lightly'. Money is a huge issue for me, and I think the shipping prices are kinda high. Please offer a cheaper option, maybe DHL or Media Mail or something LOL What about flat rate boxes? Why can't we design or pick a bottle that will utilize the standard flat-rate box sizes to it's maximum potential? Obviously fitting a circular shaped bottle in a square shipping box,
  14. I've tried it... it was okay. I honestly think it did nothing though, neither made my acne worse or better.