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  1. I rarely chime in on any of these debates but I thought I might add my own experience. I tried Paula's BHA liquid a little while back and it didnt help at all. In fact, I started breaking out around my mouth. I love some of her other products, but I never understood the hype around her BHA products. I also just purchased Dan's BHA, and, while still too early to tell, it seems to be just as amazing as Dan's other products. It is especially helpful on my neck where I get shaving bumps. Also, it ha
  2. This lotion is amazingly perfect...I was so excited to try it that I paid a total of 35 bucks to get it here (South Korea) as fast as possible. Still cheaper and larger than my other essence lotion tho. Dont change a thing~ love it
  3. Hmm, just got my new batch...it smelled slightly different...better maybe...so i decided to check ingedients as the packaged also changed again to an even more official looking product and I was interested to see that the "old new formula" has been updated to a new formula. This one doesnt have benzyl alcohol (hurray) and it is replaced with sodium hydroxide and diazolidinyl urea. Not sure how I like it so far~ Burning still this morning but that can be expected when switching to what I was used
  4. I have tried jojoba...it just made the bp make me even redder and it burned more than usual as well. Maybe I will have to ask about different bp gels. Oh and I do use moisturizer of course, it is CeraVe
  5. Ever since the new second and third tubes of gel came out my skin went on a downward spiral. I used to be normally white in complexion but now I am always red even when I only use a half or thid finger of gel. This isnt just a little red either...my neck is totally different color than my face and everyone always asks me why I am sooooooo red....its just so depressing. At first I did not associate it with the gel but heres what I have learned...The only change was the preservative was switched
  6. Well! Haha just bcause a product says spf 15 doesn't mean it protects against a broad range of rays- both UVA and UVB. In face the neutrogeena product DOESNT protect against a broud range and I have a hunch that unless the Eucerin didn't either!
  7. Hello, when I was in canada I was very very happy to find the Eucerin 5% urea face lotion everyone here raves about. It is sooo expensive! $22 for 50 mL. Well, I bought five tubes and I was just curious how long you would guess it should last. Obviously i dont use as much as most moisturizers because it spreads so easily but how much do you guys use? Could anyone like Damien even be so kind as to take a picture of how much you typically use? It would be greatly appreciated.
  8. im sure they wont make you send the whole order back. My advice would be to use the cleanser now withouy worryig aboutit. Worst case scenario is that you have to send back the 2 gels in replacement for the 2 cleansers.
  9. She sent me a replacement. Hmm, why did you need three cleansers and one gel? That much cleanser will last forever haha.
  10. Well! Everything is fine now, MaiStella at customer service strightened everyhing out.
  11. edit to my edit** i just saw the thread about stella being backed up on emails so I totally understand
  12. edit* I still have not heard back from Stella.....but I'll give it until Monday night before I decide to go on a rampage......ok the rampage wont ever come but I WILL get frustrated! lol
  13. Well, each time I get the package it comes in a different wrapping. Last time my gels were all plasticed up but this time they were not....hmm
  14. Well actually the cleanser DOES have a very small seal under the screw cap but it is very very easy to pull off. My guess is the bottle got squeezed or something and the seal just popped. I still have not heard back from Stella yet.....
  15. Ok... well I am just about to sleep now and I took one last look at the bottle because I wanted to see how much was left and if the inside still looked normal. However, I am starting to think I shouldnt use this. Not only must the lid have been loosened but the tiny little seal (small covering over the opening of the bottle) must have been removed as well. Sure enough, I could see that the seal was completly off and stuck to the inside-top of the screw-on cap. This troubles me: I can maybe ratio