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  1. The best is definitely Genteal because it has no preservatives. A little expensive but works great for me
  2. I tried a yogurt mask for the first time ever last night. I left it on for 30 minutes.. it is 2% fat Greek yogurt from Trader Joe's. The yogurt is almost 2 weeks old I think but still tastes good. After leaving it on, my face seemed moist and less red, so I just went to sleep without moisturizing. Tonight, my dry skin looked extra-scaly and red... I tried the yogurt mask one more time, except for just about 10 minutes. It seemed to dry on my face quite quickly, up to the point where it peels off
  3. I don't have as much acne as much as my skin is just red and unsmooth...
  4. I just started using a multi with 15mg zinc methionine and NOW's Zinc Gluconate 50mg, and while the first day it made my skin very good, this morning I had very bad dry patches around my mouth. I have dry skin in general. Should I just take the 15mg zinc in my multi, or should I try to cut the 50mg pills in half somehow?
  5. would it also work as a cleanser? Do you put a little bit on your face and leave it on overnight? Also, like 1/5 people seem to break out from it.. is this just a temporary purging thing?
  6. What's one without mineral oil, petroleum, shea butter, etc.. most things break me out, even like Complex 15 and Cerave. I'm using Dove Sensitive Skin lotion now and I'm not sure if it breaks me out or not.. Thanks!
  7. It's getting very hot and sweating is the #1 thing that makes my skin red and break out.. I currently use Neutrogena Oil-Free Fresh Moisture, and that's the only product I use. What could I do when my face gets really sweaty and tight?
  8. I have reddish eyelids and am wondering if there's anything I can do.. I already use a doctor prescribed eye cleanser, and I am allergic to the Burt's Bees Royal Jelly Eye Cream. What can I use... how about the Burt's Bees Eye Cream with Attar of Rose?
  9. Well it's summer and my skin is extremely red. My dermatologist's moisturizer ran out, which had few ingredients and was great, and everything else breaks me out. Complex 15 and Cerave make my skin bad, and I even tried Eucerin Q10 cream while made me extremely greasy, especially in the heat, which caused breakouts. What moisturizer could I get now?
  10. I only break out from cold/hot weather really.. it's weird. I went from completely clear to bad in 5 days out in the sun. What's a good moisturizer to use that will not clog pores, is light (for the summer), and gets rid of redness? An old dermatologist's one works very well but I am out, and Cerave (both cream and lotion) breaks me out and makes me red and greasy. Thanks!
  11. Everything dries me out so much, especially Purpose Wash.
  12. I have sensitive skin and I'm running out of my dermatologist's moisturizer, and I need a new one. I don't care if it isn't the best, since I'd just use it at night, it just can't break me out.
  13. I feel like I forget things easier now. I'm on my last month of accutane. I heard that accutane decreases metabolism in the hippocampus and the frontal part of the brain. Would this go away once I'm done?
  14. I am a male on my 3rd week of Accutane, and my face is much much better. I took 80mg a day and I've been using rezamid (sulfur/resorcinol) to dry out my blemishes. I have VERY bad red marks all over my face, and every time I get even the tiniest pimple, it leaves a red mark whether I use rezamid on it or not. I use a mineral makeup every day to cover up the redness and then it looks good, but I think it may be clogging my pores and giving me blackheads. It is JLynne mineral makeup and it has lik
  15. I am on Accutane and I heard it does nothing for red marks, so what supplements are best to take for it?