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  1. Just had my first smoothbeam on a setting of 14 with no numbing agent. I told her to crank it up to see if I could handle it. I was gritting my teeth through the treatment. No swelling and very small amount of redness. She said I may see some improvement but only after a min of 3 treatments. The treatment time was only like 10 minutes or so. My scarring is deep and only on my neck so she suggested other treatments like subsicion. I may not get any more smoothbeam and instead go for subsicion. Fr
  2. Does anyone know where canadians can get 30% glycolic peels and Copper peptide serums in canada or from a canadian web site. It gets to be a tad expensive with our comparatively weak currency if we buy it from the american sites. Thanks guys.
  3. All this info is amazing. I wish I knew about it earlier. THe info on lasers and other treatments gives me knowledge which keeps me from getting furhter scarred and ripped off.
  4. thnak you OursFan I see now they call it a Yag laser but not an erbium Yag but aN ND Yag which I gather is weaker than the erbium. That makes sense because there was only mild discomfort when the technician was using it felt like an elastic band snapped across the skin. I could smell something buring didn't ask but I suppose it was skin tissue. Can't beat the price, I may go for another few. If I'm unsatified I may try smoothbeam or after that erbium but there is no way I can use CO2 on my ne
  5. Your story is identical to mine. I am form Canada where everyone says they are so proud of our public health care. Well that bull**** as far as I am concerned. I went to my GP and he put me on the same useless antibiotics. I went back to him and he said it looks better which was bull because it was just as worse. I too had cystic acne. I kept asking him should you send me to a derm because in Canada you need a referal to a derm esp in the small town where I lived. I was 15 too and didn't know wh
  6. Has anyone had experience or had this laser used on them. I have had three microdermabrasion followed by this laser. It is the Naturalase 1064 and am considering more but don't want to get ripped off. There seems to be a bit of improvement but hard to tell. It is fairly cheap only 160 per treatment thats the dermabrasion followed by the laser. THey are only doing my neck area which is why the price is lower. It's done by a technician not a doctor which kind of bohters me. There is just a bit of
  7. Anyone else getting itchy because of this vinegar and lemon thing? At least I think it's the lemon and vinegar, because I haven't changed anything in my diet or soaps. I don't know if it's the vinegar or the lemon yet. I'm going to eliminate the lemon first because I think I get enough vitamin c anyway in my diet. If that doesn't work I will dilute the vinegar solution more and see if my itching subsides. I have small red itchy bumbs on my skin and not just where I apply it which is mainly on my
  8. Hey Hello 50 what is trazorac . I have my doubts about microdermabrasion also. Had three of them done along with what I think was IPL (I was knew and didn't even expect a laser just dermabrasion) Anyway three weeks later little change but my wallet is lighter by almost $600 Canadian
  9. Hi I live near toronto and am going to phone dr padma tomorrow. I looked up her credentials and it doesn't list her as a dermatologist. Is it possible she is just a gp. Did she give you before and after pics of other patients she has done. I'm not into getting ripped off. Thanks.
  10. I went to a derm today to have her look at my acne scarring on my neck. She said not to get CO2 laser on the neck because it could cause scarring. She recommended 5 IPL treatments coupled with 3 microdermabrasions at a total cost of 1500 Canadian. This I thougt is expensive because I had a clinic that I went to that did 3 microderms and what I think was IPL for 160 canadian on my neck only. The only difference was that it was done by a technician not a doctor. I didn't see any real results so I
  11. Ya I also got itchy all over but I started out using non dliuted vinegar. I am going to try diluted vinegar to see if that calms down my itching. I may have an alergic reaction to it not sure. Going to see a derm tomorrow. It's going to sound funny oh by the way I'm applying vinegar to my skin twice daily doc.
  12. Thanks castle builder. I'll be careful. May try a warm compress once to see hoe I react to it.
  13. I started this vinegar and lemon trick three days ago. Coincidentaly just after I booked appointments with a few cosmetic surgeons. I am using straight vinegar. No pain no gain. I may switch to using warm vinegar in a compress held on for several minuted after reading one of the posts. Re the apple cider vinegar, It doesn't seem to be as strong and doesn't list the acid content on the bottle like white vinegar does. Already my skin feels better. A few minor pimples no problem though. It stings a
  14. Hello I suppose there is some of each. a few are deep. THere are fewer ice pick scars. I have scheduled appointments with a couple of cosmetic surgeons. I almost went through with laser surgery on my neck a few years ago, but backed out at the last minute because it sounded like the recovery time and pain would be difficult. Also I thought there might be some chance for further scaring due to the thin neck skin. I hope injectables will help they sound the easiest and the least recovery time.
  15. Hello Just wondering if anyone else has had acne scarring on the neck region. Specifically, my scarring is on the upper neck region below the ear and then almost where the skin meets the jaw line. My face was not affected but I had cystic acne on the neck. One surgeon in Toronto did a chemical peel years ago, and I have had three micro dermabrasion done. They don't appear to have done much. I have been told that because the neck has thinner skin the options are more limited, but I am sick of