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  1. I havnt been on this forum for awhile but i just wanted to tell anyone on the regime and feeling frustrated to STICK WITH IT.... I had doubts as well but seriously, this really works!!!! Iam 29 and have had acne for about 6 years, the last two years my acne has been the worst its ever been, ive tried so many different things and nothing worked.... luckily i found dans regime. I started the regime September last year and now I have had completely clear skin for 5 weeks <with a few minor red m
  2. i often wonder why guys with acne dont just grow stubble or a beard to cover it up. I wish all the the time that i was a guy so i could just cover up my face with stubble or sumthing.....im just curious as it seems like a really easy way out of feeling self conscious???
  3. I was wondering if it is bad to pick dry flaky skin. Most mornings when i wake up the BP has reduced some of my active acne leaving a circular dry flaky patch. I have got in the habit of picking this skin off as it just makes your skin look crusty! im worried that by doing this i am creating scarring.Its hard not to touch because once you put makeup over it it looks like clear skin (which it isnt!!) Should this dry skin be left alone or is it ok to pick scratch off??
  4. i started dans regimen a few months ago and it really did help with getting my acne somewhat under control, however i didnt give it a chance to clear me up completely. One night i was faced with those damn proactiv infomercials and decided to give that a go, i assumed it would help with red marks etc, so i stopped the regimen and started on proactiv....its been three weeks and i have noticed a slight difference but the main thing ive noticed with proactive is that the marks dont go ...im getting
  5. i dont think we are being mean or rude, yes she is being honest, but her honesty is judgemental of her own daughter. She needs to look at why she is viewing her daughter the way she is. She said herself that she thinks she is a bad mother for thinking these things. A parent should have unconditional love and acceptance for their child despite what problems they may have. I think this woman is shallow and superficial...and if she truely wanted to help her daughter maybe she could pass this websit
  6. im so angry i cant believe what i have just read!!! Yes you are a bad mother and you are bordering on being a bad person. How can you say those things about your own daughter!!! You should be proud of her for not letting the acne control her life, at least she is still living her life and enjoying herself. It sounds to me like you are the one worried about what people think of you, does your daughters acne somehow make you look bad?? I think your issues are all about you and not her, and you ar
  7. I am a smoker and ive been told that smoking can actually create acne...just wondering if any of you out there once smoked then gave up and noticed a difference??
  8. wing i know you feel bad and cant see anything good right now, but you have to hang in there...your only 20 and have your whole life ahead of you...who knows by the time your 25 your skin may clear up completely, you may start to have a life you enjoy and you may meet someone who thinks you are beautiful.....generally how you feel about yourself is how other people will perecive you and until you change how you think about yourself no one else is going to either. Alot of people have acne myself
  9. dan i would appreciate if you could also give me some advice on this one I have been on the regime for 3 weeks. I have only had acne prone skin for the last 5 years (im 28) the acne seems to come and go I had clear skin for about a year up until 2 months ago which was devastating, i thought i had out grown it or something...not the case, i started with clearasil which made it worse then salayic acid worse again and then pretty much everything i could get my hands on which just aggravated it fu