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  1. Okay so it IS going away. I can take pictures, front view, of my face without it being nearly as bad as it used to. The pimples I do get turn into scabs and fall off. I guess thats better then having a bump with disgusting pus inside. I go back to the derm on the 15th i think for a "check-up"
  2. I dont know exactly what she was doing but I have been exfoliating with one of those automatic brushes and baking soda for awhile. I can not do that anymore while on Retin-a
  3. PROGRESS PHOTOS: Alrighty below is a progress. The "NOVEMBER" photos were taken today. Here are the stats: September- Taken before I started trying to rid myself of the marks October- I took my own action trying to rid the marks by using neosporin daily and exfoliating with baking soda November- I dropped the neosporin and exfoliating and went to a derm. The derm put me on a 5% bp wash morning and night, tetracylin antibiotics, and RETIN-A. These "november" photos were taken today, its be
  4. Huh? You mean while on accutane females are required to be on birth control pills...coooos accutane can mess up the fetus?
  5. OW I dont know what is doing this but everytime after I take a shower my skin is red and it hurts. wtf.
  6. Hey! Well, I'm in Hawaiiand get a lot of sun.. I'm not too sure if it makes it better. Then when the tan goes away-- You're still left with them. I can see how the sunburn thing will help..and I guess that is why those face peels work. I think I am going to go take a photo of both sides of my face to compare even though I was going to wait a week. Oh- Anyone on retin-a know if this is normal- I was only on it 2 days when my pimples(the 3 i did have) kind of "peeled off" that sounds n
  7. Do you have any before and after photos and where do I get that? I'll look into it. *scared* What do you mean do not take it on and off? Do you mean: a. Take the pill each day, dont skip a day or b. dont let my derm put me on it and then take me off, then like 2 months later put me back on.. I dont even have bad acne so I dont know. I get acne every once in awhile but nothing major. I hope he knows what he is doing. I am mainluy concerned about the spots on my face!
  8. capsule, I suppose those are easier to swallow. I always feel like i'm going to choke lol But i finally swallowed one last night after my post. I stopped picking A LOT as apposed to before I started this log, I think I mentioned in a post here that I found it was true when people would say "if you pick it causes more" but I never really believed that before. But sometimes when I feel a ton of little bumps on my face.. I can't help it. But hopefully I can completely stop. Thanks for
  9. I went to the Derm. He said 75% of my problem is because i pick at my face. I dont know if I really believe that because I've had brown marks in certain spots that have NOT faded. some are new yes, but some just have not faded. He seemed really busy and didn't really care to listen. He told me "if you want to pick you do this" and he took this tool, poked the only pimple i had, and used this other tool to kind of scrape it. he told me it wouldn't scar. little did he know i scar so easy(Wh
  10. You right side is way worse.. do you touch the right side of your face often? I know with me i am right handed so like i would be on the computer browsing around using my right hand and be picking at the left side of my face with my lef hand often. Left side has always been worse. pimples went away when i quit picking at it and exfoliated/neosporined my face. I did have as much as you though so hopefully your regimen works BUT it is key to not touch your face at all except when you are wa
  11. I might have to agree with you there. However I guess the key is to stop breaking out so your face can have time to heal up. I know when I was breaking out I was picking at my face a lot and so not only was i getting new marks but the old ones never had a chance to go away. Like I said i havent been breaking out since the neosporin use. I guess by experimenting with other things people end up clogging pores and breaking out even more yada yada. I'm definitely still going to go to the d
  12. November 11: is my derm. appointment. So, my first post in this thread was a few before i began using the aspirin mask and neosporin. Since then, I have had 1 dr visit and a derm referrel. The dermatology appointment has been scheduled for the 11'th of November 05. At the doctor I notified her that I was using neosporin on my face and it has stopped my breaking out greatly. She put me on something a bit stronger than neosporin. At first I broke out a bit but it has been great. I have h
  13. Yep yours sure did. your skin looks really good now though. Benza clin... Do you remember about how long you had your brown marks and how long it took them to fade? I wasn't going to mention it until I had it in my hands but the dr visit interfered with that plan and now I am going to the dermatologist instead. It was called... I forget. Ha ha. wow! ...Cosmelan I think. I still think it will work but I'll see what the dermatologist says first. I kind of told my doctor abou
  14. Wow my "brown marks" look really bad in those two photos above. It's been almost 2 weeks since I have been to the DR, and it is in 2 weeks that my letter should come to get referred to the dermatologist. Any day now.. the fun will start. I'll update with photos of progression after my derm visit.