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  1. dave-brent

    Scars, but not "scars"

    Dear Lyricist, From your description, it seems that you have what are called red marks. Which is good, because they tend to fade overtime (some longer than others). I would try an acid peel 10% or 20% should be good. There are many different types of acid, but I recommend Salicylic. Also.... Try the Red Marks forum for more options. Here's a good thread just to get you started. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=35135 Take care -Dave_Br
  2. dave-brent

    Super Cop 2x

    Yes it would. Super Cop 2x can help on all types of scarring. A hypertrophic scar is scar tissue that has built up over time. You should start massaging any new scars that you get to prevent them from becoming hypertrophic, but you can also massage the scars you have now to loosen the tissue up. Start with a weak acid then slowly work your way up to the stronger ones. Anywhere from 10%-30% should suffice. Step 1. Apply acid *wait for about 10 minutes* Step 2. Apply Super Cop 2x *massage your s
  3. dave-brent

    Whats your type?

    I like tall women with dark eyes, and a bit of a tan. Umm.... but anything really, as long as she's cute in looks and personality.