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  1. back looks better today all the white heads have just about dried up.Now im left with a whole lot of red marks ill start using the neutrogena multi-vitamin stuff soon.Also no new pimples either that hasnt happened for a long time i usually wake up with at least 2 new whiteheads.
  2. day 2 checked my back this morning it seems that the white heads are drying up no new pimple's either.can someone please tell me if i should moisturise my back?thanks ill update tomorrow
  3. day 1 i have about 10 pimples on my upper back a couple are white heads and lots of red ones.i will also be using neutrogena multi-vitamin acne lotion to reduce red marks.
  4. hi ive had bacne for years and i will be using the regimen on my back.i will update my progres everyday. morning wash with cetaphil gentle cleansing bar wait 10 minutes apply panoxy 5% bp gel night Same as morning also i was wondering if i should moisturise my back thanks.