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  1. ArteFILL is a FDA approved permanent filler for smile lines on the face. I was wodering whether anyone has tried it yet for deep acne scars?
  2. Hi I have rolling and icepick scars. A derm suggested multiple sessions of TCA Cross and microdermabrasion and promised me 50% improvement. Another derm suggested multiple session of Fraxel laser and again promised me 50% improvement. So, I finally decided to go after both solutions with those two derms! Now, my question is that which one should I do first? May I go for TCA cross and Microderm between my fraxel sessions? any restriction? Thanks
  3. Hi all Happy New Year! Can subcision be applied on forehead scars? A famous dermatologist in Boston told me that subcision on forehead scars might leave bumps! However, another famous derm denied that idea and told me that it could improve forehead scars. Any idea or suggestions?
  4. I thank U all for your promising notes. God knows that I did not want to hide my back scars. I was thinking that she knew about it. She told me that if she had the same problem, whould I continue relationship with her? My response was definitely YES. I don't care if my partner has back acne scars. Now, I have lost my self confidence. I think if I start a new relationship, that will end up the same way. I think everybody hates acne scars, on the face or back. I just want to be with someone who
  5. hi all maybe this is one of the saddest stories you have heard about acne scars. I had a relationship for 6 months with my dream girl. We were in love with eachother, and we had decided to marry in the future. I have acne scars and red marks on my back. I was thinking that she knew about it but didn't care since she had not talked about it to me. Last week when I was putting off my underwear, she yelled at me that why I had not told her about it. I explained that I thought she had noticed it b
  6. Hi Guys, I have a few rolling acne scars on my back. Do you think that fraxel laser may help acne scars on my body? Thanks
  7. Hi. Whenever I spread my face skin with my fingers in front of mirror, I observe considerable improvement in my scarring. FYI, I have a face full of deep rolling scars, which has ruined my life. I have been thinking of facelift surgery as a solution for several months but I was wondering why nobody has talked about it in this forum. Do you have idea whether facelift may improve deep rolling scars?
  8. Does anyone know a dermatologist in London who treats acne scars and has a good reputation? Anyone who does punch excision, lasers, fillers,...? I would appreciate your help.
  9. Hi guys, I have suffered from deep acne scars for more than 15 years. Sometimes I feel that face life plastic surgery may reduce the acne scars. I am not sure about it but when I look at the mirror while I am lifting my face skin, it seems that the scars are getting better. Does anybody have any idea about it?