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  1. Now I'm not taking away from the importance of looks in this society, or other cultures in fact, but if you think about anything too much, it becomes ridiculous. I guess what you need to ask yourself is, if there was no one else on this planet, would you care what you look like? Almost everyone would say no. So it is people you want to look better for. Why is this the case? It doesn't matter what the jerks think, you don't want to be friends with them anyways. Now I can see where it may
  2. Sensual huh... Not exactly sensual but I see more people with acne in college than I did in high school. You would think it would be the opposite. But there are enough where it is kind of the norm if you have some acne. And, even if it seems like no one else has acne, I've seen girls without makeup in my morning classes and they look like a different person. So the point is, continue getting rid of that acne if it makes you feel better but, "Think highly of yourself, for the world takes you
  3. Couldn't you make this argument for any anything though. Take fruits and vegetables. They all have some degree of pesticides so farmers can make more money without losing their crops to insects. It isn't like services are being provided out of the goodness of people's hearts, atleast most. It is always up to you to get through the bs. Of course "acne companies" care more about your money than your skin,, that is called free marketing. Do your research before you buy anything, and you'll
  4. I am almost positive there is another post regarding this, but hopefully mine is a little different. It just isn't topicals that prevent acne. During the course of 3 years, I did a lot of experimentation to see how much food affected my skin, and besides hormones or whatever, what you eat is a significant impact for the cause of acne. Here is a list of things that cause acne for me: (you may already know this) Sugar(Major cause of acne! I stopped drinking sodas 3 years ago, okay maybe one e
  5. I apply it once in the morning, and before I go to bed. I first started using it 3 years ago. Had really bad acne. It generally worked the longer I used it, and the more I applied. Of course like most people, I tried a plethora of other products before finding one that works for me. I just have lingering spots now, and it isn't like my acne is gone. If I stop using bp, I get breakouts.
  6. Are there any lotions for the skin that don't cause acne, yet make your skin smoother? So far from whar I've read, they just clog your pores. What about aloe vera? I've read mixed results.
  7. Bread is a big one, chocolate, soda, cheese is alright, but milk is no good, of course anything high in sugar.
  8. Not sure if anyone suggested this, but carry around some tissues, and wipe your face when you start feeling oily.
  9. Most of the threads here involve people arguing over nothing because a lot of you still think the world evolves around you. You place so much emphasis on another if they have a different opinion, it is as if your world is shattered. I just find it really sad and stupid most of the people in on this planet are exactly like you guys. Ex: Arguing over if it should make you make feel better that alicia keys has acne. Give me a break. First of all, how vain do some of you have to be to find
  10. Truly, you guys are idiots if you think you're better off not going to college. Yes there are those that are "successful" without that higher level of education, but that is like saying, there are poker players that make a decent living. I think the more important issue here is, you guys do not realize the basic concept, what you put in is what you get out. There will always be classes that you absolutely dread, and even if you find it pointless, who cares. Atleast you are trying to accomp
  11. Hi this is my regimine. In the morning, i take a warm shower for about 10 minutes.. get out, put on metrogel on potential breakout spots.. and for the rest of my face.. i put cetaphil on, which is a soft cleanser. Around 3- 4 pm.. i take another shower.. about 10 minutes, but this time.. just put cetaphil all over my face, and around 10-11 pm.. i take ANOTHER warm shower.. putting both metrogel and cetaphil on... metrogel on the main spots.. and cetaphil for the rest. Lets see.. i've been doi
  12. My doctor prescribed me metrogel and doxycycline and told me to use cetaphil as a cleanser. I've been on this stuff for awhile.. done with the pills.. still using cetaphil and metrogel and my face is definately improved with a few remaining spots.. But my question is.. metrogel is only for rosscea or however you spell it.. why did he prescribe this to me when I have acne. Oh.. this probably isn't significant.. but I noticed my face started to clear up using this regiment by not only putting th