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  1. jan carlo do you have a pic of yourself? before and after?
  2. It's been like this for a while now... probably a couple years. I don't use scrubs, I don't even wash my face. I rinse it with water maybe twice a week. I used to get lots of regular "pimples" but i used BP for a long time a couple years ago and stopped. I'm beginning to think this is the work of BP. Recently i've been trying to just use nothing, or more natural products, at least. and see what happens.
  3. so that's a part of my cheeks. As you can see, toward the bottom left of the pic is my normal skin texture near the chin area. It's what my face supposed to look like, but isn't. I'm surprised how good my face looks in the pic because in actuality it looks a lot worse. I guess because the lighting is the traditional yellow 40W light bulb so it's forgiving. anyway, I don't get large pimples i guess, but I do get red pimples and the redness makes it look like i have about 200. In outdoor lightnin
  4. so i followed dan's regimen back in the day when he recommended the neutrogena on-the-spot (2002/03) I discontinued the regimen after a couple of months of continuous use everyday. I disliked how it make my cheeks and cheekbones horribly red. I didn't have any allergic reaction or sensitivity to it like painful irritations. Anyways it's been a couple years now and the exact same pleaces i applied BP seem to have my face permanently red. At first i thought maybe it's just normal, but i came to
  5. When i went to the dermatologist, he gave me: 500mg cephalexin .1% triamcinolone cream benzaclin gel apparently i went in there for 5 minutes and was given this prescription without much talk and discussion. So my question is... are these things usually just to get rid of your active pimples so you have to continue using it for years to come. Or is it a one time thing. use it for a couple months and your acne will be gone forever? i'm hesitant to use even more topical products..
  6. So maybe around 4 weeks ago i went to a derm to check out my skin. I don't have seriuos acne but I get random small red bumps that really stand out in light but are near non existant in dim soft light. They don't turn into full on large pimples but a tiny whitehead. I have lots of these so my face looks pretty bad, bein splotched with red marks/bumps. so anyway after staying about 3 minutes in his office (doctors these days suck), he gave me prescription to some antibacteria pills, benzaclin,
  7. I have lots of red marks that don't seem to disappear. When my pimples form, a couple are like the traditional large bump protruding from the skin. But most of the other times though, it's just a minor lump that can't be seen in soft light. in yellowish bathroom light it looks like I have flawless skin. But in reality i don't. I don't know whether they're like pimples that don't form all the way, or what, but it looks like my cheeks are completely invaded with them. They eventually turn into re
  8. yea the original was decent. it has vitamin b5 and vitamin e in it. It has fragrance though (can be good or bad depending on your choice). It wasn't shiny and oily. it was just like a cream. It doesn't last very long though, only works through part of the night.
  9. wierd problem i've had for a while now. When I go in a room that's kind of hot, my face and head start getting really itchy. It's like pin pricking itchy feeling. Same thing happens if I eat spicy foods or sour lemons/oranges. I basically deduced this occurs whenever I am sweating (or trying to). does anyone have this problem and know what causes it?
  10. does anyone get these? it's like pin-prick sized dried sebum around your nose area. I get them on my face too. I don't know why this happens so i'm tryin to see if anyone knows. It's like dried oil that is in the pores of your skin and you can just kind of roll them off and they usually leave a tiny hole.
  11. everyone has theories of why acne forms and what ways to reduce it. Try it if you want... don't try it if you don't believe it will work. It's all up to you. No one's forcing anyone to try anything. Message boards are free for people to post their opinions, suggestions, questions, concerns, whatever, to improve acne. There's really no need to respond especially to debunk someone's theory when they themself haven't even tried it. who knows... every person's post of a "regimen" (including this ent
  12. I'm not on the regimen right now but I'm currently trying Gillette's Complete Facial Moisturizer with SPF15 cause I had a coupon for it. i dunno if it's non-comedogenic... can anyone tell me just by looking at the ingredients? Water, Isononyl Isononanoate, Cyclopentasiloxane, PEG-20 Glyceryl Laurate, Stearyl Alcohol, Behenyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate, Cyclohexasiloxane, Dimethicone, Cholesterol, DMDM Hydantoin, Arachidyl Alcohol, Polyacrylamide, Lecithin, Niacinamide, Bisabolol, C13-14 Isopara
  13. my forehead is relatively clear. I have one small whitehead on the corner and that's about it. But the totally clear and normal skin tone and no break outs whatsoever is my area around the mouth and under the nose. It's like two different skin tones, so it's kind of wierd
  14. ok well most people (guys) I know don't use face wash or anything at all. The only time they wash their face is when they shower at night, they naturally kind of splash their face but they don't have any special face cleanser or anything. It's wierd how different people work because my old roommate was pretty lazy you know, so he didn't shower for 2 days sometimes. He didn't have any acne at all. so yes, tweedy05, I've had a notion for a long time that consistent acne is pretty much based on g
  15. i dunno what the hell aloe vera did to me but it gave me my first two blackheads of my entire life. I'm guessing the gel dried before it was absorbed into my skin and just sat on the surface, therefore creating a barrier that will not allow my pores to breathe. my pure 100% guess. I've heard it being beneficial for discolorations to other people though. doesn't hurt to try.
  16. Ok so I had an annoying whitehead right in the center of my forehead for 2 days and decided to use BP. (i don't usually use it because i didn't like having to put all these diff. products on my face). so anyway the next morning there's some dried blood there. The whitehead's gone but basically the pimple popped without me doing anything. This happened more than once too. Is this how bp supposed to work? lol. pop your pimple and let it heal?
  17. It's wierd.. everytime I wake up in the morning I have like tiny spots of dry sebum on my face. I wipe it off. Sometimes they come out then it leaves a tiny hole there. Can my face not release oil properly or something? There's some on my face and around the nose area. it only happens when I wake up in the morning. During the day i don't have this problem though. does anyone else experience this?
  18. well at least you found some combo that helps you stay (relatively) clear. That's good. I haven't reached that point yet. bleh!
  19. to each his own. everyone has to experiment with various products because it works differently on every person depending on the condition, type of acne, cause of acne, etc... yep it sucks there isn't one "best product" that one can just buy and will work well like it worked well for Bob.
  20. it's probably just some temporary effect, which we get a lot. sweating and being hot makes my acne worse. It makes your blood flow so the discoloration marks on my cheeks stand out a lot more and swimming in chlorine water dries out your face very badly which in turn agrivates your skin even more. well that's what i learned.. of course exercising should continue despite this. it's good for you, anyhow