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  1. fix your nose ????? please ask that somebody to "shut it" !!! you are pretty the way you are ....
  2. sorry to hear about your frustration. Wots the ipleadge stuff? i heard it was something the FDA had put in place, why do you have to wait until april ??-sid
  3. sk777

    Day 58

    you skin condition has improved tremendously...congratulations ! about picking at pimples, there were 2 eruptions i picked at 1 year ago..still have the marks. and some other larger zits i had as recent as 5 months ago have totally disappeared as i didn;t pick them. this dan's regimens really seems to be helping you.goodluck -sid
  4. sk777

    Day 25 - Left

    did u experience any side effects because of ur regimen ?
  5. thats too bad darling.. u should accutane a shot if you haven't started it already..
  6. sk777

    Day 2

    good luck dear..i am sure it'll work for you..
  7. sk777


    thats a great approach to look at life. and you are very pretty !
  8. sk777

    i have plenty of scars!!!

    do u have any active acne... if not, then dude more than half your battle is over.. at least you don;t look different every morning you wake up because of some new ugly zits.. your scarring doesnt appear bad at all...at least in the pics you've posted...
  9. sk777

    12-7 update

    could you tell more about this TCA cross treatment that you are taking please ?? -sid
  10. sk777

    collage pic 2

    great improvement ! whaat have u been taking ??
  11. thanks LogDog i'll certainly give the single blade a shot.i always end up getting ingrown hair which then later develop into zits....i like the whole "shave like u are using a brush" idea as well also, the shaving when in the shower may help..will give it a shot. i usually shave once in 4-5 days..i really look ridiculous on the 4 or the 5th day,..and everyone at works gives me dirty looks cause i look uncouth and stuff..jerks ! anyways, adios my friends !!
  12. sk777


    dude, those scars are really not that bad...a hair cut and a smile would make all the difference !
  13. claud, your skin looks great, and the progress is remarkable. if you were brave enough to go through the worst days of your cystic acne, i am confident you'll pull through this waiting period until accutane does its job.. good luck- sid
  14. hi, i am sure your acne is troubling you a lot..wish we never had to go through all this ! in your earlier foot comments you had mentioned you were gonna try acupuncture...any luck/relief with that. ? i don't want to try accutane either because of the possible side effects, and in the past, whenever i tried something new for me acne, it just made it worse...but lets see...i am desperate to rid my face off this acne..!
  15. sk777

    Say Cheese Day 25 on tane!

    congratulations..there is tremendous improvement. keep it up, do deserve it !!!
  16. i hate it when someone stares or makes comments about my skin. i am so depressed with this whole thing...i am 26, and acne has taken has most certainly taken the best of me. i used to be the "know all do all" smart guy in my teens..so wheneevr i meet someone from that time, they make all sorts of comments...something on the lines of "what happened to you"..."where's all the attention you used to get" i just hate that it disturbs me.. its been 3 years since i have been hiding myself, canceling so
  17. please don't harm yourself in anyway. i am sure your parents need you..
  18. sorry to hear about your state. at least with regards to what medications you should try, i have no suggestion as nothing has worked for me. as for your feelings of harming yourself, i can say that i have felt that way too. i haven;t been suicidal, but many times i feel hatred towards myself because of the way i look. its very imp to have something that occupies your mind..as Juliet suggested, maybe a sport.. i prefer staying indoors as i am too embarassed to go out many times.. i have a big i
  19. shoots, sorry you have to go through that ..i reallly like the way you have still managed to keep your sense of humour intact ! goodluck..keep us posted..
  20. thats a tough one...at least for me, i get so damn embarassed of myself that i dare not even ask anyone to go out... this acne thing has really messed up our minds...i am 26...so its real odd going into a room of well groomed guys, and looking uncouth... -sk